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By: Forestry Works  05/12/2011
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Forestry Works strive to provide a complete service to my clients, to this end my wide range of services are outlined below.

Forestry Works is run by a fully qualified and insured Forest service registered forester

Forest Establishment Management and Consultation
If you are thinking of planting, Forestry Works can meet with you on site if required to discuss the best options for you in relation to the different schemes, grants and premia available. This initial site visit is free and carried out in confidence and without obligation.

Should you decide to plant Forestry Works can process the application and or manage the work to year 4 at which time the forest will be fully established. Currently the grants received usually cover the management fees for this work.

Forest Management Plans
If you have a grant aided forest older than 10yrs and greater than 10ha for conifers and 5ha for broadleaves you are required to submit a management plan to the forest service or you well not receive your remaining premia. Forestry Works can inspect your forest and submit this management plan for you. The forest service currently gives a grant of 300euro toward the cost.

Forest Thinning and Roading Management
If your forest requires thinning Forestry Works can take care of the complete operation for you, including inventory, marketing, harvesting and sale of timber. In Ireland due to our windy climate and the poor soils on which forestry have sometimes been established it is important to thin your plantation in time to ensure a better final crop is achieved. 

Much of my current work involves the inventory and assessment of forests approaching first thinning. This includes a detailed assessment of current standing stock as well as future growth and yield predictions.

Forest Contracting Services
To complement the the management services I provide I also offer a complete contracting service. This service includes:

  • Planting
  • Spraying
  • Fertilizing
  • Shaping/Pruning
  • Broadleaf thinning
  • Timber measurement and Inventory
  • Mapping
  • Inspection paths
  • Tree felling

At Forestry Works this contracting work is mostly carried out by myself, a qualified forester who understands the reasons behind the operations. When work is carried out by contractors, only experienced, certified and reliable ones are used and there will always be supervision by myself.

Keywords: Forest Management, Forestry Services, Forestry Works