Services | FMI - Field Managment Ireland

By: Fmi  05/12/2011


What can we do for you today?

The range of services we provide is as varied as the range of clients we work with. You might be surprised at some of the very successful programs we’ve been involved in!

Whether you’d like us to merchandise and sell your products, create visual displays, mystery shop your customer facing staff, or run your stores for you, we’ve done it all.  While each activity might be unique, the key to our success is focusing on the systems to support the generic and fundamental elements which are always consistent.  We are experts in the recruitment, training and management of field personnel.

We have detailed here a range of our services which will give you an idea of the types of activities we might carry out on your behalf. But if you don’t see anything here that fits the bill, call us and we’ll be happy to design a program around your requirements.