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By: Floorrestore  05/12/2011
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As with anything in life, the older or neglected something gets, the more care and attention is needed to restore it to it's former beauty! This is also true with Natural Stone and it's derivatives. Natural Stone can be brought back to it's former glory with the correct application of skilled craftsmen and professional care. Floor Restore work with Marble, Travertine Granite, Limestone & Other Natural Stone providing the following services:

Cleaning, Polishing, Honing, Sealing, Repairing


Impregnating sealers form a clear barrier that provides excellent resistance to staining from water, dirt, oils and grease. The treated surfaces retain their natural colour appearance and texture. We only seal stones that require sealing (as sealing a stone that does not require it may cause unnecessary problems) using the highest quality product.


In stones where the surfaces have aged and weathered over the years, honing will remove scratches, stains and etch marks from and give it a uniformed honed finish.

Diamond Abrasives

Using state of the art diamond abrasive pads with water we can remove existing scratches and etch marks from your marble, travertine or other natural stone and give it a uniformed honed finish.


Polishing produces a brilliant, highly reflective shine, gloss and luster finish to the surface of your marble.

Sealing with Color and Gloss Enhancement

Enhancing sealers will deepen the natural color inherent to a particular stone and at the same time add a protective barrier to repel water, oils and grease. Most enhancing sealers do not add any sheen. However, if desired, we can seal and protect your stone with a gloss enhancing sealer.

Uneven Stones and Stone Repair

Uneven stone tiles with lippage can be ground to produce an even slab-like appearance. Installing color matched resin material into any damaged area can repair pitted, chipped or cracked stone. Deep-set stains can be removed from the stone by using specific poultice mixtures to extract oil/grease, rust, water stains and wine. Scratched stone can be polished or spot sanded to remove the damage.

Natural Stone Services:
Natural Stone Refinishing
Natural Stone Restoration
Natural Stone Tiling
Natural Stone Grout Lines Cleaned & Sealed
Natural Stone Stain & Scratch Removal
Natural Stone Polishing
Natural Stone Cleaning
Natural Stone Sealing
Natural Stone Honing

Marble Services:
Marble Refinishing
Marble Grinding (Lippage)
Marble Stain and Scratch Removal
Marble Floor Polishing
Marble Grout Lines Cleaned & Sealed
Marble Restoration
Marble Floor Cleaning
Marble Sealing
Marble Honing
Marble Tiling

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