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By: Floorart  05/12/2011
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service will guide and advise you on making the best choice for your home and family needs. We will help you to identify the main stages of planning a new floor, and advise you on ordering times, design and choice of flooring. We also offer guidance and solutions for solving problems, for example with damp floors; uneven surfaces; previous badly laid floors and repairing damaged floors.


Our design service will guide you to choose patterns and colours that will enhance your décor and furnishings. If you wish, we can work with you to develop original and unique designs that will make your home stand out and put your family’s individual stamp on it.


Whether you are planning a new floor in just one room, or building a large extension, careful planning is vital. The flooring and designs need to be chosen and ordered so that installation can take place at a time that suits you and any other work that is being carried out. For example, if you are completing a new kitchen it is important for the flooring contractor to liase with the builder in order that the units and flooring are installed in the best order, which will give you vital cost savings in terms of the time taken by both.

For almost 45 years Eddie Fennell of FloorArt has been installing floors just like his father who taught him. Eddie has worked on many homes, business premises, offices, schools and public institutions ensuring that floors are installed to the highest possible standard no matter how big or small the job is. He is frequently called in to resolve situations and problems caused by inexpert installation, and has an excellent track record of providing suitable remedies.

Dispute Resolution

We can offer you a unique service, that of Dispute Resolution.

Imagine that you have just had an expensive floor installed in your home. After a couple of months, parts of it start to lift. You call in the contractor who laid it and they disclaim responsibility, blaming the builder. You call in the builder and he tells you the same. No one will accept responsibility. What do you do? You need an independent voice that will assess the problem, identify the cause, propose a remedy and put this in writing so that you can then have the matter dealt with. Should you still need help, we are able to assist with arbitration.

Even if you need to go through the small claims court you will need the independent advice that we can offer to you. 45 years of experience is a lot to be able to call on, and there are very few problems that we have not already dealt with at some point.

Involving FloorArt from the earliest stages will ensure that your floors will be designed and installed to the highest standards and to your satisfaction and convenience.

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specialists in Flooring design and installation of vinyl and mock wood flooring - design

We will advise you on the flooring aspects of jobs and projects by enabling you to identify the critical points affecting the floor planning, such as preparation; decisions around designs and colour, and lead-in times for ordering flooring products in relation to the overall project. From logos to borders to client’s own individual requests we will help to make suitable choices that ensure your client’s needs are met to their satisfaction.


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Clever use of floor design to differentiate between children’s play areas can save money and space and in busy commercial and retail businesses can be used for good traffic management for customers. If you have a business such as a childcare service you will need to consider wet and non-slip areas and safety as a prime health and safety issue.