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By: Flahavans  05/12/2011
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Our Newest Products:

Flahavan's New Oaty Flapjack Range
Flahavan's have relaunched their oaty flapjack range with two new varieties original and cranberry and a new improved choc chip recipe. Deliciously light and golden with an irresistible crumbly texture, these oaty snacks with melt in the mouth Belgian choc chips, juicy cranberry fruit or original are made with the distinctive natural goodness and taste of Flahavan's oat flakes. Made with over 40% wholegrain oats, each flapjack provides you with 7% of your daily fibre intake that can help fill the energy gap between meals.

Flahavan's flapjacks are baked to tasty perfection and are simply square in size as one would expect from a handmade flapjack. Flahavan's new flapjack range is perfect for all the family to enjoy. Snack a Flahavan's Flapjack to satisfy your taste buds anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Flahavan's New Multi Seed Porridge Range
Flahavan's has launched a delicious new Multi Seed Porridge range to meet the evolving needs of consumers for a healthy breakfast. The new Multi-Seed range is available in sachet, portable porridge pot and bag formats and combines Flahavan's Porridge Oats with Sunflower, Flax, Pumpkin and Hemp seeds to provide an additional tasty and healthy boost to breakfast time.

The new seeded range is a source of Omega -3 fatty acids, protein and fibre. Flahavan's Multi Seed Porridge contains no added salt, sugar or artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and is completely natural.

Flahavan's Quick Oats Multi Seed Sachets (10 x 40g) and Quick Oats Multi Seed Portable Porridge Pots, which come in a 40g serving, have a crunchy texture that is simply delicious. Simple preparation in just three-easy steps helps make a breakfast packed full of taste and goodness.

Flahavan's Quick Oat Sachets, which come with a reusable liquid measure, is ready in just two minutes while Flahavan's Multi Seed Pot, can be made by simply microwaving or adding boiling water and is ready in just 90 seconds. The cool-to-the-touch exterior makes the Multi-Seed pot a truly portable product ideal to enjoy in the office or home. These single serving dual microwavable and hot water options provide a quick and nutritious breakfast, which releases energy in the body throughout mornings.

Flahavans Real Fruit Porridge
Flahavan's, have launched two new real fruit varieties to their product range to give you a delicious fruity twist on a healthy breakfast. Flahavan's Real Fruit Porridge Sunrise Fruits, available in a 625g bag combines Flahavans Porridge Oats with juicy sultanas, Californian raisins, pineapple, cranberries and papaya. Flahavan's Real Fruit Porridge Apple & Raisin available in a 600g bag combines red apple pieces and succulent raisins with a hint of cinnamon. Both Real Fruit Porridge varieties are rich in fibre, low in saturated fat and salt and are a valuable source of energy. Flahavan's Real Fruit Porridge is simply natural and contains nothing but Flahavan's Oats and delicious fruit pieces.

Quick Oats Organic
Flahavan's have extended their Quick Oats range to include a Microwaveable Organic Sachet 8 x 35g and Portable Porridge Organic Pot available in a 40g serving. Certified by the Organic Trust Limited, Flahavan's Quick Oats Organic Sachets and Pot are a seriously healthy, totally organic option that are so quick to use; you'll always have time for a bowl. The Flahavan's Quick Oats Range available in a drum, sachets and portable porridge pots also in original or strawberry flavours provide healthy simple solutions to consumers by removing complexity and providing greater convenience anytime or anywhere, at home or in the office -in just 2 minutes.

Flahavan's Quick Oats sachetsThe taste and texture of real porridge, ready in 2 minutes!Recognising the need for quick and easy to prepare breakfasts Flahavan's have developed Microwave Quick Oats Sachets. Each box contains 10 individual sachets of 100% wholegrain oats along with a free, easy to use, liquid measure cup to ensure perfect porridge everytime. The oats are carefully selected and milled in such a way that they will cook quicker in the microwave without losing their taste or nutritional benefits. Microwave Quick Oats are naturally low in salt, sugar and saturated fat and are an excellent source of dietary fibre.

Microwave Quick Oats Portable PorridgeQuick Oats Portable Porridge are individual servings of porridge that can be quickly prepared by adding milk and popping in the microwave for 90 seconds. Alternatively they can be prepared by just adding hot water and stirring. Available in two varieties – Original and Strawberry they have strong appeal to those who care about their diet and are looking for a healthier alternative for on-the-go eating due to their easy preparation method and portability benefits.
Made using 100% wholegrain porridge oats Quickoats portable porridge are free from artificial additives, are low in salt and saturates and are an excellent source of dietary fibre.  

Keywords: microwave, oats, Porridge, Porridge Oats

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Flahavan's: Perfect Porridge

Serves 2 x 40g helpings of Flahavan's porridgeYou can prepare Flahavan's Progress Oatlets quickly and easily in a bowl using a microwave oven.We recommend that you use a deep bowl and allow over an inch at the top of the bowl for the oats to expand.