By: Firehaze  05/12/2011
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Fire Alarms

We Sell & Service most makes of Fire Alarm System & Can provide expert advice on your requirements under Health & Safety and Fire Regulations. For older buildings, where installation may be a problem, we specialize in radio connected systems.  It is a legal requirement for all commercial buildings to have a working fire alarm system and to have it tested regularly - usually every four months but a minimum of every six months.
With service prices starting at just €75 per visit, we guarantee you the lowest possible service rates.  We also offer a 'standing order' facility to help you spread the cost of your fire alarm service.  Please  for details or  to receive a free quotation.

TrainingStaff safety training is not only a legal requirement but is also a vital investment in peace of mind.  Knowing that your staff will know what to do in the event of a fire will help you concentrate on what matters most.  We also offer Manual Handling, Safety Rep and other health & Safety related trainings.At Firehaze, we understand that every customer is different and indeed every attendee at a training session attends with different knowledge and different learning needs.  For this reason , we tailor each training session to the customer’s requirements.  
For example, in our fire training course, we take the client’s fire action plan and design the training accordingly.

For manual handling, we take a look at the type of work employees do and include help on this in our training. Whether it is loading pallets or sitting at a computer, we have advice and procedures to help you carry out your work safely and in accordance with legislation.

 Health & Safety in the Workplace can be a minefield of technical and legal jargon.  We can carry out a risk assessment on your premises and you can be sure that no stone is left unturned.  We can provide a personalised safety statement for your premises at very competitive prices.   or for a quotation.

Home Fire SafetyDid you know that an average of 40 people die in Ireland every year from a fire in their home?  The four main causes of domestic fires are Cooking, Electrical, Smoking and Open Fires.  If a fire started in your kitchen would you know what to do?  Can you put a wet tea towel on an electric toaster which is on fire?  If there was a fire outside your bedroom door, can you escape through the window?We can provide you with some of the equipment that will give you those extra few seconds in the event of a fire.  A domestic fire extinguisher and fire blanket could prevent a small kitchen fire from destroying your house or open up a vital escape route.  An emergency escape ladder will give you a second escape route from an upstairs bedroom. now.. don't wait until it is too late! to buy online now!

Keywords: Fire Extinguisher, fire safety