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By: Firebox  05/12/2011
Keywords: games

Utterly brilliant. I'd play it more but I can't get my 14yr old daughter off it. Lots more games adding iCade support already. Mos Speedrun, Velocispider and Sideways Racing are just three of them.

Darren Griffin, Hampshire - 1st August 2011

Can you put a NotPad in this? btw this is so cool!

Haylie, United Kingdom - 22nd July 2011

Firebox says: You could Haylie, but it wouldn't do much!

Its a bit poor than an iPad does not have iPad compatible videos that are flash, come on Firebox move with the times, may have purchased one if I could watch the videos, now I just going to BigX out!

IPadBoy, IPad World! - 21st July 2011

Firebox says: We're in the process of getting this upgraded, in the meantime you can always check our YouTube channel.

iCade arrived today and straight away built up, love it and the best thing ever is that the official iPad 1 case that I have I don't have to take off. Firebox I love you!

Richard, Mansfield - 21st July 2011

Firebox says: Great to hear Richard!

Does it connect to a PC as well? Can it be used under Windows as a Bluetooth-Joystick?

Wolfgang, Germany - 9th July 2011

Firebox says: Unfortunately not Wolfgang, it would sort of defeat the purpose.

Hi loving this but wondering can the ipad be turned on from the buttons on the cabinet? or do you have to keep taking out the ipad to turn it on and off? thanx :).

Gray, UK - 26th June 2011

Firebox says: Whilst you can use your iPad regularly with it in the cabinet, to turn it on and off you would need to take it out of the cabinet.

I donated 20 of these to an African village.. Hang on I'm not sure if they will all have an iPad.

Freddie SB, Bryanston - 20th June 2011

Will an iPad 1 still fit inside it if has one of those large decorative stickers covering the whole backplate?

Ninian Carter, West Yorkshire - 25th May 2011

Firebox says: That shouldn't be a problem Ninian, but any cases/covers may make it too large to fit the iCade.

You say the iCade is compatible with 100s of apps yet all of the reviews in the states say it is only compatible with the Atari Greatest hits app. Can you list some of the other apps that are compatible please before I pre order.

Kevin, Scotland - 24th May 2011

Firebox says: The Atari Greatest Hits app includes access to hundreds of arcade games, and the future compatibility means that both existing and new apps will be able to work.

DAMN IT, and I've just brought an arcade machine over a iPad.

DC, Worc - 22nd May 2011

Keywords: games

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