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By: Firebox  05/12/2011

Cute carton critters

The last time we saw something funny and Japanese hiding in the fridge it was in a Pink Panther movie (kids get Googling). But then someone put a few

Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets

in the fridge here at Firebox HQ. Talking milk cartons disguised as animals? What’s not to love!

Utterly bizarre but totally adorable, these cute electronic friends live inside your fridge, only speaking when you open the door. How? A

light sensor

on the top of each Fridge Pet triggers any one of a number of sentences and phrases, all in Japanese, natch.

As well as various greetings, Fridge Pets are not averse to dishing out a ticking off; keep the door open too long and your

fridge-dwelling buddy urges you to close it

. In Japanese. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts. Besides, open fridge doors result in over $1.7 billion worth of wasted energy each year in the US alone (it says here), so Fridge Pets aren’t half as silly as they seem. Incomprehensible tree-hugging milk cartons? Whatever next?

It goes without saying that Fridge Pets are cool (they live in the fridge, after all) but the fact that they’re voiced by members of the popular

Japanese hip-hop outfit Romancrew

(no, us neither) makes them positively sub-zero. Factor in an eco-conscience and you’re looking at some of the coolest things ever to hit the icy innards of your fridge.

Different animals available (from L-R): Polar Bear, Penguin, Walrus and Seal

Each Fridge Pet will say various phrases and greetings

There are four crittery cartons to choose from: a

polar bear







. Brrr-illiant! Yes, you could stick a note on the fridge door reminding housemates not to linger there gawping at gone-off salad and out-of-date ready meals, but that’s nowhere near as entertaining as seeing the look on some hungry sap’s face when they are admonished by a Japanese-speaking milk carton posing as an animal. Ooh, shut that door!

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