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By: Fire Element Engineers  05/12/2011
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Fire Element Engineers provide a range of fire safey consultancy services. Principal services include:

  • Fire Certificate Applications Compliance with the Building Control Regulations, 1997
  • Once drawings are received from the Architect, we review the design to establish if there are any areas which are not compliant with Part B to the Building Regulations, 1997. This is done by first assessing vehicle access to the site for the Fire Brigade. This is done first as it can affect the overall layout of the access roads and possibly the building structure.

    Secondly the population of the building is estimated so that the width of escape routes can be assessed followed by travel distances so that the number of escape routes can be determined. There are other analyses that follow but once these initial assessments are completed, the design is reviewed with the Architect to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

    In modern designs, there are often larger issues which can affect the fire safety design and these issues include the incorporation of atria within buildings or fire-fighting shafts for tall or deep buildings. The use of the building is also significant; e.g. a Nursing home or Hospitals require a high level of fire resisting construction to allow for progressive horizontal evacuation whereas an Office building can have relatively low amount of fire resisting construction (excluding elements of structure) as the people are awake, alert and familiar with their surroundings.

    The fire certificate application is then prepared which includes the production of the fire certificate drawings and a report that detail the fire strategy for the works or development. These drawings and report are the specification for the fire strategy and demonstrate how the building will comply with the Building Control Regulations, 1997.

    The detailing of the fire certificate drawings usually goes through several iterations due to client, architectural, structural or mechanical design issues. Once all of these issues have been addressed and included the final drawings and report are produced which are then submitted to the local authority.

    The Fire Officer (FO) may request (within the 2 month assessment period) more information or an extension of time for the assessment to be completed. We will also negotiate with the FO if necessary during this period. Once the FO is satisfied that the design complies with the Building Regulations 1997, a fire certificate is granted (with or without with conditions).

  • Once a fire certificate is obtained / On-going advice
  • Assuming that a fire certificate has been obtained for a development and that the fire certificate was granted with conditions, we then meet with the Architect and/or Developer to ensure that any conditions are then incorporated into the design. We are then available to consult with the Design Team throughout the design and construction phases to ensure that the design is still in compliance with the Building Control Regulations, 1997. If, as happens from time to time, the design changes during the construction phase, it is possible that a ‘catch-all’ fire cert is required and therefore submitted toward the end of construction, but which is in place prior to the building becoming occupied.

  • Surveys and certificates of compliance
  • During construction, surveys can be undertaken by Fire Element Engineers to ensure that the construction is in line with the granted fire certificate documentation. Once the building is completed, a certificate of substantial compliance is supplied by us to the client. It is this certificate of substantial compliance along with the fire certificate granted by the local authority, that are often required by various bodies in regard to the building (e.g. insurance company’s, banks, tenants, etc.).

  • Operational buildings
  • In regard to operational buildings there are various aspects where Fire Element Engineers can get involved.

  • If there is a redesign of the building, it maybe that a new fire certificate is required for the proposed new works (will be dependant on the building type).
  • If the building predates 1992 and does not have a fire certificate, the client may wish for a fire safety risk assessment to be conducted.
  • Fire safety training is required for staff (office staff, floor wardens, nurses, care home workers, management, etc.)
  • The provision of effective fire safety training for all staff has been a legal requirement for many years now, however still many companies ignore their legal obligations and face the risk of prosecution. Fire Element Engineers have developed a range of training courses to suit all industries and can provide anything from a 3 day course for property managers and safety professionals to a 1 hour fire safety awareness course for general staff. All delegates are certificated by their attendance and will benefit from the experience of former operational fire safety officers who can provide a range of informative and highly interactive courses as detailed below:

  • General fire safety awareness
  • Fire Marshals
  • Security and fire incident response teams
  • Incident Management
  • Fire Safety Management
  • All courses can be tailored to specific working environments including the care sector, corporate or industrial premises.

  • On-line Training
  • Fire Element Engineers is pleased to announce the launch of its new innovative on-line training programme. This allows staff to attend fire safety training at their work station therefore minimising disruption and downtime to your business. We will visit your properties and design the programme around your working environment, your staff can then receive training specific to their building and on completion of the training each delegate will be required to complete a short questionnaire and submit the form to us. We can then provide you with a breakdown of all staff who have completed their training throughout the year and identify any members of staff who have failed to attain an acceptable score.

    Fire risk assessments are now recognised as the most effective process of establishing the levels of fire safety applied throughout all premises.

    In accordance with the

    Safety Health and Welfare Act 2005

    employers are required to continually review, monitor and maintain the safety of their staff and visitors within their premises, and the fire risk assessment will confirm the buildings and company’s current status of legal compliance in respect of fire safety.

    The assessment will evaluate all management processes including effective written emergency procedures, staff training, record keeping and maintenance regimes.

    The assessment will also confirm the standard of the building with regard to means of escape, fire alarm system, fire compartmentation, fire-fighting equipment, fixed installations, housekeeping, emergency lighting and signage.

    All of our assessors are highly qualified having assessed thousands of buildings and therefore with a wealth of fire safety experience we can evaluate your property effectively ensuring you a professional service.

    Upon completion of the site survey our consultant will produce a detailed written report providing you with a complete overview of how fire safety is managed and applied within your business. As part of the report there will be a detailed action plan prioritising any works required based on life safety. The report will also identify if your building type now requires fire certification in order to meet legal compliance.

    The fire risk assessment service provides you with a comprehensive package allowing you to run your business whilst being content that you have assured the safety of your staff and visitors and at the same time minimising the risk to your property.

    There are different buildings which require Licensing. In the entertainment industry it is the Pubs and Night Clubs which require Licensing and this is carried out annually in September. In the healthcare sector, all Nursing homes are required to hold a license and this must be renewed by the HSE every 3 years.

    With the new

    Intoxicating Liquor Act 2008

    , the Legislation changed so that it is now necessary to state whether a building complies with the Building Control Act, 1990. This element has therefore been effectively removed from the remit of Local Authority Fire Officers and placed with Chartered Fire Safety Consultants or Architects to ascertain compliance with the Building Control Act 1990. The certificate of compliance from the fire consultant will be required in order to obtain the License in Court.


    Nursing homes (Care and Welfare) (Amendment) Regulations, 1994

    also require a Chartered Fire Safety Consultant to assess the building and supply a certificate of compliance in regard to various fire safety issues throughout the building. These issues include the building structure along management procedures and the type of furniture and fixtures.

    Fire Element Engineers can provide these services with an experienced team of assessors and consultants to ensure compliance with current Legislation.

    Keywords: fire safety

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