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By: Fircroft Kennels  05/12/2011
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Fircroft Ethics

Dog training at Fircroft is not based on fear - We do not train using choke chains, electric shock collars or physical punishment – we do not believe in punishing any dog for getting things wrong.  Instead we actively teach our canine pupils how to get things right. We motivate them through play and reward to want to learn and to enjoy becoming model canine citizens.  

Fircroft Dog training Schools offer: 

Residential companion dog obedience training courses

Training the trainer, handler or owner

Competition obedience training classes

Working Trials competition training classes

Puppy training programmes

Specialist tuition for students with learning difficulties

Canine Problem solving - fearfulness, aggression etc.

Canine behavioural Problem Solving

Problem solving at Fircroft Dog Training Centre is enlightened and humane. It is based on sound behavioural modification principles developed through years of study and practical hands-on experience.

‘First do no harm’

- We base our dog training programmes on this ideal. It is critical before implementing any remedial program that the trainer is cognisant of possible adverse knock-on effects of any proposed remedial work.

At Fircroft Dog Training Centre dogs showing distressing or aggressive behavioural problems will be carefully assessed and an appropriate programme individual to the dog’s needs is designed to help modify the undesirable behaviour.

Residential Dog Training

Companion dog Obedience - Foundation course.

Our foundation course is suitable for all varieties of adolescent and adult dogs. It is also very suitable for puppies once they have been fully vaccinated. You will see your dog on video happily obeying them in a controlled environment without distractions. 

Our popular foundation companion dog obedience course is a 12 day residential training course. When you leave your dog with us you take home a copy of our training video or DVD. This is your ‘homework’ to be studied while your dog is with us. It is important to familiarise yourself and your family with our handling techniques, key words and the behaviour motivation principles on which we base our training. It also allows you to see the standard you can realistically expect your dog to achieve.  On completion of the course we do a short DVD showing what your dog has achieve. Both DVDs act as reference for you when continuing your training at home. The course ends with a handling lesson for you with your dog. We encourage owners to report in from time to time on their dogs progress, our ongoing support is always available.


Foundation Course content: 

Good Management – how to prevent your dog from practicing undesirable behaviour.

Good Hous e Manners -  teach your dog not to jump up, playbite, pester for attention, bounce on the furniture, barge through doors.

Canine Social Skills – teach your dog to enjoy being groomed and to be safe when handled.

Basic obedience– We teach your dog, without distractions - to come promptly when called, to walk quietly on lead, to sit, lie down and stay for a short while.

Residential Dog Training Course 2 - introducing distractions

(This course is for dogs that have completed our Canine Foundation Obedience course)

'my dog is very good at home but a nightmare to take out'

The biggest single cause of failure in training your dog is distractions. At Fircroft we teach your dog to obey in the presence of very lively distractions.

A further 12 day training course teaches your dog to ignore enticing and distracting situations and be responsive and obedience to you.

As with our Foundation Training Course there is a DVD of your dog's achievement and a comprehensive handling lesson for you at the end of your dog’s stay with us.  

Specialist Tuition

Individual programmes for clients with special needs.

Booking In

We recommend you come visit us at Fircroft, see our facilities and meet our staff before booking your dog in with us.  Visitors are always welcome, visiting hours 10.30 until 3pm daily. 







Keywords: Canine, Dog, dog obedience, dog training, dvd, Obedience Training

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The Owners

She is a Life Associate Member of the Irish Kennel Club and served for many years as a member of the Ard Chomhairle & Obedience Rules Committees of the Irish Kennel Club. Mary has judged dogs under Irish and English Kennel Club Rules and has established a successful track record with her own dogs and her pupils in these fields.