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By: Feng Shui Ireland  05/12/2011
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Our Clients: Individuals & Businesses

We work with individuals & business owners who care about their homes and working environment — Individuals who understand their environment is playing an important role in their success and quality of life. We enjoy working with home and business owners of all sizes and fields.

Feng Shui Homes – Private Consultations

Buying or building a new home is one of the most important decisions we make in life and we understand it is also a stressful one.

If you are like most new prospective home owners, unsure if you making the right decision with your purchase or undecided on the design or internal layout of your home let us assist you.

Feng Shui can give you
solutions to these problems.

From choosing a plot of land, working on the overall building design to the complete internal layout of your new or existing home you can benefit from Feng Shui.

We can assist you by performing an assessment of your proposed purchase.

We can develop a design working with your needs to advise you of the most auspicious orientations & locations for factors that determine the quality of your Feng Shui. Factors such as your main door, your kitchen, your bedroom & study (to mention a few) when located auspiciously are the keys to beneficial Feng Shui.

We can assist you with your renovation options and landscaping decisions, showing you how to locate influential sources of Qi, such as water features, pools, rock gardens and pathways to support and activate auspicious Feng Shui.

We can work with your present home advising you how to maximize the quality of Feng Shui to benefit you and your family.

Feng Shui for Business, Real Estate & Construction Projects

More and more of the business community are realizing the benefits of Feng Shui in their industry. If you are a business owner faced with some of the uncertainties of business you can benefit from Feng Shui in various ways.

We can assist you with property selection for your new venture.

We can help you with internal & external renovation decisions including your landscaping options.

We can assist you with onsite consultations of existing business premises indicating how Feng Shui is affecting you and how to improve your present situation.

We can work with you and your designers to develop a functional and yet Feng Shui maximized design to benefit your business success.

We can develop a Feng Shui presentation relevant to your industry assisting you to provide additional specialized services to your clients.

Industries varying from Architects, Property Developers, Landscapers & Interior Designers have come to realize the benefits of providing Feng Shui advice to their clients as an addition to existing services.

Keywords: feng shui, real estate