Feldenkrais Method Workshops with Abbe Harris

Feldenkrais Method Workshops with Abbe Harris from Feldenkrais Dublin

By: Feldenkrais Dublin  11/05/2011
Keywords: Back Pain, health & fitness, Feldenkrais Method

Summer Workshops 2011


  • Saturday 11th June (Rathgar): Bending & Lifting with Ease

    Find out how improving awareness and co-ordination of the core areas of the body, the hip joints and spine, can help to increase ease and efficiency of movement and prevent habitual over-working of the back, neck and shoulders.
  • Venue: The Winton Practice, 12 Winton Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin
  • Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm
  • Cost: €35
  • Booking: Please contact Abbe: Ph: 087 418 0646 / www.feldenkraisdublin.



  • Sunday Introductory workshops at the Olive Tree (Grantham St):

    Sunday 22nd May: Core Organisation
  • This Feldenkrais lesson is designed to re-organise neuro-muscular co-ordination and control of the central areas, the pelvis, hip joints and spine, for lighter, easier and more supportive ways of moving.

  • Sunday 19th June: Move from your Centre
  • Learn how your body is naturally designed for powerful ease of movement, without any need for strain or force...  When the whole body is efficiently organised, bigger movements are powered from the central areas - spine, pelvis and trunk - allowing the neck & shoulders to remain free from strain.

  • Venue: Olive Tree, 15 Grantham St, D.8
  • Time: 11.30am – 1.00pm
  • Cost: €20 per workshop.
  • Booking: Please contact Abbe: Ph: 087 418 0646 /

Keywords: Back Pain, Feldenkrais Method, health & fitness, Somatic Education