By: Famous Dave  05/12/2011
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"This is the BEST fake tan EVER. It's as easy to use as applying a moisturiser, no smell and no streaks. BRILLIANT!!!"

"I just had to write to tell you how much I love your Moisture Tan. I've been self tanning for about 15 years and have tried every product on the market - creams, lotions, sprays, and tanning towels. Many left me orange, streaky, dry looking skin, and most of all..the horrible smell that would linger even after a shower. Your product dries almost instantly, you need very little, there is absolutely no streaking, skin is not dry, and best of all, NO smell. I LOVE it and am ready to place another order. "

"I LOVE this self tanner. 8 days later, I still have colour and I'm usually super-white.""I love it, it's the best fake tan I've ever used, I'll be back for more!""This is the 1 and probably the only fake tan I will buy!! It is fantastic!""I am VERY happy with your product. Everything that people have written about your fake tan in the testimonials is true. I am not orange and I can wear white without my clothes getting stained. The ultimate in self tanning!" "I LOVE this fake tan, thanks so much. I will never have to get in the tanning bed again. I will purchase this product forever!!"""I would just like to say what a fantastic product you have made Dave. For the first time in my life I am BROWN and not ORANGE. I can get dressed straight away and it goes on just like a lotion and does not smell. I would recommend this to anyone and will being buying lots more. Thank you Dave" "I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your self tanners. I have had 3 pre-melanomas removed, so "sun" tanning is NOT an option. I am very fair and the colour of your self tanning lotion is perfect. But the best features are that it dries quick and is absolutely not sticky & has virtually no smell! Fabulous!!!"

"I've tried EVERY sunless tanner available. Your product is the best! Perfect colour, easy to apply, dries fast and really is fragrance free. Thank you!!"

"I bought your product based on reading the testimonials. They were 100% correct. It is the best I've ever used and will continue to do so. I've just placed my second order. Thanks so much"

"I'm about to run out of the first order I bought a month and half ago and had to buy a second one. This stuff is the best sunless tanning lotion I have ever bought. THANKS!"

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Fake Tan Lotion - Buy The Best Fragrance-Free Self Tanning Lotion by Famous Dave - Moisture Tan

I have white, freckly, Irish skin and this the the first self tanner I have ever used that makes me TAN. Fake Tan Lotion - Buy The Best Fragrance-Free Self Tanning Lotion by Famous Dave - Moisture Tan. Add me to your happy customer list.