By: Eztours Ireland  05/12/2011

Choose easytoursireland if you want that personal touch, in ireland.

Dies ist, was wir am besten tun.. this is what we do best.. C'est ce que nous faisons de mieux..

Vehicle Information & rates
Rate per hour Dublin Airport/city transfer 1/2 day tour (4 hours) Full day tour (8 hours)
MPV €35 €80 €190 €310
Sedan €30 €90 €200 €335

Go for a tour around Ireland with us. See castles that are still lived in or abandoned for hundreds of years. See cannon balls embedded in the battlements from cannons of the past. See where Kings faught each other and lost. Check out the religious orders and the not so religious. Visit the Norman Knights grave in Christ Church and on to St Pactricks Cathedral.. Call to see mummified Bishops.. and cats chasing long dead mice.. spend time in the Abbey at Kildare and in the only Round Tower with access today. Then follow the trail from abandoned farm with an evicted family and because of starvation set out to trek across Ireland ending in Dublin of the famines and the ship called the Genie Johnstone and on to a new life in America or Australia. Meet the famine statues on the north wall.. Watch as 4 million disappear from view.

Touring with easytoursireland is simple and affordable. Airport collections are catered for, and this is where the exploration begins. We charge excellent rates per hour, and a minimum of four hours per tour. We supply high standard and quality, with the utmost respect and privacy given to all clients.

easytoursireland is a private, reliable and affordable touring company in Ireland. Located primarily in Dublin, touring with us will be a fantastic addition to any holiday.

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