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By: Expresslube Uk  05/12/2011
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Then Expresslube UK can clean up and prevent fouling of your boats vital fuel system, eliminating the water and fungi. Work is carried out on site using Expresslube's unique portable separator system.

Contaminated Fuel Tanks? - Caught the Diesel Bug?

Reliability is a safety issue and we are aware the majority of engine breakdowns at sea are caused by contaminated fuel. That's why keeping your fuel well-shined will prevent bio-mass from building up in tanks and prevent fungus from thriving by getting rid of stray water.

  • Removes Water
  • Increased Performance
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Less Engine Wear
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Cleans Injectors & Extends Filter Life
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Improved Reliability

Water and bio-mass contaminants can result in poor engine performance and reliability, which can lead to failure at critical times. Expensive maintenance and repair costs can escalate if these conditions cannot be controlled. Boats are particularly vulnerable to the bug because they spend large amounts of time laid up. The bugs are able to grow and prosper without movement so when the boat is static for any length of time your fuel is at risk.

The service is a far less costly alternative to fuel removal, disposal, replacing and the cleaning of the tanks (if this is possible in the first place), downtime is minimal and the whole process clean and fuss free.

The diesel 'bug' is becoming a common worldwide problem caused by Micro-bial growth and it is in your tanks growing all the time. Don't let it catch you out sailing the waters.

  • Motor boats
  • Yachts
  • Pilot boats
  • Fishing vessels
  • Tugs
  • Ships generators
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Supply vessels
  • Any commercial diesel craft

Keywords: diesel, Fuel, Fuel Service, Marine Fuel, storage tanks, tanks

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