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By: Exa  05/12/2011
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e-Commerce and Your Business

e-Commerce has become an accepted and trusted method of commodity exchange in today’s business sector. It refers to the buying and selling of goods via the World Wide Web; the “e” for electronic and “commerce” referring to the exchange of goods and services.

e-Commerce is a popular and profitable channel, individuals now using the Internet to meet their purchasing needs. Today, consumers can purchase almost anything online, e-Commerce making many day-to-day functions readily accessible and convenient. Additionally, the development of e-Commerce lead to online banking and financial management, simplifying traditional commerce procedures.

As the internet is a preferred medium for consumers to browse, compare and purchase products, an e-Commerce solution is vital for the success of a modern business.

Is your business e-Commerce equipped? In today’s web driven society, you can’t afford not to be.

e-Commerce benefits

e-Commerce will benefit your business in numerous ways. A successful e-Commerce plan will arise from a number of factors including accessibility, simplicity and functionality. A tailored e-Commerce solution will ensure your online business is:

  • Reliable
  • Functional
  • User Friendly
  • Adaptable
  • Scalable

To be successful in

, a website must rank well in search engines and attract the most relevant customer enquiries. Before your website can implement a successful e-Commerce solution, it must include proven online marketing techniques, such as

to direct traffic toward the site; resulting in product purchase.

As consumers are turning to the internet to purchase products, it is vital that once consumers have found your website, it is equipped for their needs.

e-Commerce functions on a website will enhance and invite consumers to purchase products online, ensuring a successful marketing campaign. e-Commerce makes the exchange of goods and services accessible and simple for both parties.

Exa’s e-Commerce solution aims to address consumer needs, whilst tracking changes to update businesses instantly. Exa’s e-Commerce model is flexible and easily adapted, making it suitable for any business model. The benefits are endless, Exa offering a customised e-Commerce solution, tailored to you.

Exa’s e-Commerce Solution

, Exa’s e-Commerce solution, is designed to complement traditional sales processes and systems and provide a reliable, simple and safe web environment for online sales. The ExaStore offers customers a convenient, user friendly purchasing system, which simplifies the buying and selling process making customers want to return.

Exa’s e-Commerce solution is technologically advanced, its well designed network infrastructure allowing items to be quickly uploaded and displayed on your screen. Comprised of a highly advanced, back-end administration system, the ExaStore allows you to see and make changes in real time, ensuring a fast response.

In addition to a professional, user-friendly online store, the Exa store holds an advanced reporting system with an export to Microsoft Excel and can be integrated into your ERP or accounting system. Exa will customise an e-Commerce solution that is reliable, user-friendly, functional and easily adaptable. Exa’s professional e-Commerce solution will convert your business into a profitable asset.

ExaStore Features

Exa’s specialised e-Commerce solution has a number of unique features. Developed according to your business needs, the ExaStore offers advanced reporting technology and administration, allowing instant tracking and response.

The ExaStore includes features such as:

  • An Online Shopping Cart
  • Secure Credit Card Facility (SSL)
  • Electronics Funds Transfer (EFT)- both fax order and direct debit with EFT.
  • Online and Offline Payment Options
  • Customised Data Collection & Reporting
  • Automated Electronic Invoice & Receipts System
  • PayPal ® Payment Options in Multiple Currencies.
  • Payment Gateway Interface

In addition to these features, your tailored e-Commerce solution could include:

  • Freight and Order Management
  • Member Accounts and Subscription Options

To implement a successful e-Commerce solution, or for more information regarding the

, call Exa on 1800 09 69 69 or


Keywords: online marketing

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