CCTV & Security Alarm Service Mayo,Galway,Roscommon,Sligo :: Public Lighting

By: Eti  05/12/2011
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CCTV & Security Alarm Service Mayo,Galway,Roscommon,Sligo :: Public Lighting

ETI Security started a public lighting division in 1999 and thankfully it has gone very well for us, we service public lighting nationwide. We have made a large investment in this area purchasing the best tooling available, underground faultfinding and cable locating equipment.

Out of all the work ETI Security does this definitely brings the best job satisfaction, we sometimes go into an estate which has been in darkness in some cases for 20 years and in a short time we have all the poles working again the locals come up to us and are so thankful. Our work in the industrial estates is quite similar.

We work predominantly for property management companies and look after housing and industrial estate lighting. If a pole gets knocked down we dig it out and put in a new one if some one digs up a cable or breaks into a cable duct we repair it but generally we change bulbs igniter’s ballasts photocells consumer units and fuses.

Keywords: Alarm Service, Cctv & Security, security alarm, Security Alarm Service

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CCTV & Security Alarm Service Mayo,Galway,Roscommon,Sligo :: CCTV

This may seem like a strange way to try out new product but we have a reputation to worry about and we can not afford to introduce several hundred cameras into the market then realise there is a problem. These cameras are able to rotate horizontally through 360 degrees, vertically through 900 and have zoom lenses capable of giving more than twenty two times the current optical zoom.


CCTV & Security Alarm Service Mayo,Galway,Roscommon,Sligo :: Fire

ETI Security Systems have experienced fire consultants who ready to support you with the design, installation, monitoring or maintenance of a fire and smoke detection system. It can also be integrated with our security systems to give you a complete fire and security solution to meet your business requirements. ETI Security Systems fire detection technology suit all kinds of applications and sizes of businesses.


CCTV & Security Alarm Service Mayo,Galway,Roscommon,Sligo :: Intruder Alarms

Here, people at the alarm-receiving centre check using either CCTV, an audio connection or something called "sequential confirmation". Monitored - The alarm sounds at the premises and a signal is sent to an alarm receiving centre via your phone line. An intruder alarm consists of a combination of detection, control and signaling devices. Can be more reliable and cheaper than wire free, but takes longer to install.