ESPA - Services - Overview

By: Espa  05/12/2011

ESPA employs the services of a full-time Professional Staff Representative (PSR) assigned exclusively to the Branch. At all times the PSR works closely with members of the Branch Council co-ordinating their activities and implementing tasks prioritised by the Management Committee.

The PSR deals also with members on an individual basis providing support in multiple ways:

  • Information
  • Advice 
  • Representation
  • Referral

Unite the Union offers legal advice to individual members through its legal helpline while ESPA provides access to the expert legal advice on collective issues of its members.

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ESPA - Services - Representation/Referral

Failing that, it is submitted to an independent body - Industrial Council in ESB, Industrial Tribunal in ESBI or Eirgrid Tribunal - for hearing and recommendation. In accordance with the agreed procedures and statutory rights employees are entitled to be represented by their trade union official. Any disputes or grievances are first dealt with at a local level. The issue might be moved to a higher level of management.


ESPA - Services - Information/Advice

All queries are dealt with in a prompt.