Equazen – Those Clever Fish Oil People

By: Equazen  05/12/2011
Keywords: Eye Health, Special Care, Fatty Acids

  • Inspired by nature. Whether that’s in a natural source oil, such as in , or in a natural triglyceride concentrate, such as , , , or
  • Developed with special care and are of high purity, fully compliant with stringent EC and WHO rules on environmental pollutants
  • Formulations based on research: Equazen continue to support research to advance understanding of the effectiveness of essential fatty acids
  • A specific formulation for your area of interest, we offer formulations aimed at maintaining essential fatty acid levels considering brain health, cardiovascular health, eye health or ensuring a good fatty acid intake for mother and baby
  • Recommended and used by staff at Equazen who believe they provide a unique combination of high quality, naturally sourced, specific formulations for various populations

Keywords: Acid Intake, Environmental Pollutants, Essential Fatty Acid, Essential Fatty Acids, Eye Health, Fatty Acid, Fatty Acids, Special Care,