EPLAN Electric P8

By: Eplan  05/12/2011

With our EPLAN Electric P8 we are initiating the new dimension in engineering. A unique range of diverse functions makes interdisciplinary work worldwide a reality. With a free choice between graphical and object orientation the software provides that cutting edge of technology for your success, aligning itself without restriction to the needs of the user. This ensures reliability in handling the software and fast results.

Expect the unique

EPLAN Electric P8 knows what you need. Variant technology, diverse interfaces, and extensive automation options provide for the perfect integration and efficient workflows. In short, EPLAN Electric P8 offers you opportunities you've never had before for your interdisciplinary engineering.

EPLAN Electric P8 – the new dimension in electrical engineering facilitates both graphically and object-oriented work at all times. With ingenious platform technology, full data support from EPLAN 5 and EPLAN 21, variant technology, internationality, and extensive automation options EPLAN Electric P8 delivers productivity from the outset.
Thanks to the unique Engineering platform this innovative solution can be configuredflexibly to your needs. Many and varied interfaces facilitate the perfect integrationfor efficient workflows. In short, EPLAN Electric P8 is the solution for unlimitedpossibilities in interdisciplinary electrical engineering.

Rely on EPLAN Electric P8 to design the future.

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Versions & Modules

EPLAN Electric P8 will always be able to provide you with a customized solution for your operation, regardless if you require the optimization of an electrical design or a design tool that will be integrated into your entire engineering process. We offer a comprehensive process-oriented engineering solution. For your investment in the future.


The right tools for your engineering requirements

Through the EPLAN Platform, a unique data management system which makes seamless data exchange possible between our electrical, fluid, instrumentation & control, and 2D/3D enclosure design products, you'll experience a new level of engineering efficiency.


Platform strategy

Open to Integration The EPLAN platform technology is capable of integrating engineering tools of other outside disciplines because of the open nature of its API interface. The modular platform provides core functions that are required in electrical CAE as well as in fluid or EMSR engineering. All systems are fed from the same database, since they are set up on a common platform.


Software requirements

Minimum net requirements As stated in the software requirements and performance, only operate the server with a Microsoft Windows operating system. Because of the enhanced technology in the new Microsoft operating systems, this dongle driver no longer supports interface cards. General requirements The Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 is required to operate the EPLAN platform.



The factors for maximum cost cutting are a system's performance and its integrability in the corporate processes including the automatability of design and development steps. Not only the pure advantage of speed for this unbroken communication, also the data integrity and therefore the quality of the results are a crucial competitive advantage. With EPLAN Electric P8 these come as standard.