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By: Episensor  05/12/2011
Keywords: energy efficiency, Energy Consumption, Energy Usage


EpiSensor's SiCA Platform is a flexible & secure wireless monitoring system. With global energy prices rising and increasing awareness of carbon footprints and climate change, it is essential to understand exactly where energy is being used.

SiCA can monitor direct energy parameters such as electricity, water, heat, natural gas and fuel usage in commercial and industrial environments. The system can also monitor a range of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure & door status using easy to install wireless sensors.

The data produced by these sensors can be used to improve energy efficiency in buildings by identifying areas of wasteful energy usage.


Data can be easily and securely gathered from wireless nodes at both building level and appliance level to provide detailed drill-down energy consumption and environmental data.

This allows energy managers to assign responsibility, implement company-wide efficiency policies and generate efficiency metrics to compare performance at a site or department level. EpiSensor's wireless monitoring products have been designed for use in medical device, pharmaceutical, food processing and manufacturing industries.

The system is also ideal for monitoring energy usage in lighter commercial environments such as data centres, offices, universities & hospitals.


Our wireless sensors can be remotely monitored and configured from a central location on the web or local area network. Raw data produced by the system can be consumed by a wide variety of software applications such as energy dashboards, web portals & management information systems to provide real-time visibility of energy usage.

EpiSensor products are designed for harsh environments and our range of wireless sensors allow users to monitor a full spectrum of energy usage within your organisation. More information on our product range can be found here.

System Architecture

When sensors are deployed in a building, they securely join a wireless network which is managed by a 'SiCA Gateway'. This gateway collects data from the wireless sensors and delivers it to a central 'SiCA Server' on the internet or local area network. SiCA Server can store data from multiple SiCA Gateways in an industry standard database where it is made available for use in management information systems, dashboards and web portals.

SiCA Studio software is used to manage the wireless sensor network and can be used to configure sensors, view live data, define schedules and export data. EpiSensor's SiCA Platform provides a complete solution for improving energy efficiency in buildings by providing accurate, real-time energy and environmental data when and where it is needed. To find out more please


Keywords: Energy Consumption, energy efficiency, Energy Usage, Local Area Network, wireless sensor, wireless sensor network

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The TES-11 is a fully wireless, accurate ambient temperature sensor which can record temperature data at predefined intervals and make this data available on the web or local area network via EpiSensor’s SiCA Platform. This provides facility and energy managers with targeted energy consumption information essential for increasing efficiency and reducing overall power consumption.