Epi Light - Light for Life in Cork, Ireland

By: Epi-light  05/12/2011

Epi-Light's standard product portfolio is outlined on the left hand side. Our product platform is supported by patented technology and proprietary technical know-how.

In addition to these products we are currently working on a European Commission funded FP7 project which aims to develop a water purification system used LEDs and photocatalysts.

Our standard product range features include:

  • Advanced expertise in the integration of optical, mechanical, thermal and electronic sub-systems
  • Modular design
  • Compact form-factors
  • High brightness sources
  • Excellent beam and wavelength control
  • High efficiency and stability
  • Specialised wavelengths (Ultra-Violet, IR)
  • Control of beam pattern and uniformity
  • Quality customer service and follow up
  • Safe and long operating lifetimes - over 50,000 hours
  • Precision engineering to meet exact customer requirements