By: Epace  05/12/2011
Keywords: Electrical Contracting



To achieve our objective EPACE carries out a number of inspections throughout the year. Contractors are selected on a random basis and are interviewed by an official EPACE inspector.  Contractors deemed to be compliant will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance. Contractors found to be non-compliant may be referred to the Labour Court for further investigation and ultimately may be liable to prosecution.

Contact EPACE if:

  • q You wish to obtain an EPACE Certificate of Compliance
  • q You wish to discuss whether or not you are complying with the REA for the Electrical Contracting Industry.
  • q You wish to determine if you are being paid at the current rates and are receiving your full entitlements under the REA.
  • q You wish to report an incidence of non-compliance.

Keywords: Electrical Contracting