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By: Environmental Controls  05/12/2011
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Choosing the correct switch and mounting solution can have a dramatic impact on the success or otherwise of an environmental control system. If the switch site is not chosen correctly or the switch is not matched to the ability of the user then their ability to operate the system will be severely compromised and may lead to fatigue and rejection.

Normally a switch is only considered when direct access to the InfraRed control is not possible. The switch is connected to the InfraRed control with a cable. Typically, when the switch is pressed the symbols on the display scan automatically one by one. When the switch is pressed a second time the function associated with the symbol is activated.

Choosing the switch, mounting the equipment and setting up the control with the  right scanning method is an important step in optimising the system to suit the user’s needs. During commissioning we take plenty of time to make sure this is done correctly.

Pillow Switch

The Pillow switch is activated by pressing the top foam surface. It is suitable for head or cheek activation. Safety pin and velcro are included for easy fastening to a pillow or wheelchair cushion.

Application: Head/Cheek
Feedback: Auditory + Tactile
Size: 80×20mm
Force: 180g

Jelly Bean twist

These switches are made of durable high impact ABS plastic and have a light response across the entire surface. Their distinctive flanged base make them easy to mount to desk top surfaces and triangular plates are available to fit standard mounting systems. Switch tops can be removed and replaced with the color of your choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green

Application: General
Feedback: Tactile + Auditory
Size: 20×62mm
Force: 65g

Spec Switch

At 33mm diameter the Spec switch is smaller in diameter than the Jelly Bean and requires a slightly higher activation force. It has a standard flanged base but comes with a useful accessory that allows it to be attached to an object with a velcro strap that loops through the base of the switch. When attached to a hand or arm a user can then press against a fixed surface, such as the side of their wheelchair or a table, rather than trying to hit a specific target area.

Application: General/Attach to user
Feedback: Tactile + Auditory
Force: 100g

Big Buddy

The Big Buddy is a large target area version of the popular Buddy Button. The switch is 4.5″ in diameter and has a slightly higher actuation force. Like the Buddy Button the switch has two fixing nuts in its base so that it can be attached to any of our switch mounts.

The Big Buddy attached to the Super Mount  is a popular choice. Big Buddys are a general purpose large target area switch and are ideal for communication, mobility and computer access requirements.

Application: General
Feedback: Auditory + Tactile
Size: 25×115mm
Force: 300g

Switch Assessment Kit

The Switch Assessment Kit is a comprehensive selection of popular switches available for people with special needs. The Kit contains 20 switches plus accessories that can be used during assessment of an individual for switch use. In collaboration with therapists throughout Ireland the contents of the kit have been carefully chosen to address the needs of a wide and varied group of switch users.

Super Mount

The Super Mount, sometimes called a Universal Mount, is a general purpose mount with adjustments at 3 locations. Both ends can rotate through 360º and be pivoted through 180º. The elbow rotates through 360º and the single knob tightens all 3 joints. The length at full extension is 53cm. The Super Mount comes with a triangular end plate to fit Jelly Bean switches or the Point-It! joystick as standard.

Application: Switches/Joystick
End Plate Supplied: Triangular
Max Length: 53cm

Swing Away Systems

The lateral swing away systems from Stealth can be fitted to nearly any powered wheelchair. The swing away allows for accurate positioning of switches that can be easily swung out of the way when required. The latching mechanism and ball joint ensure that when the arms are swung back into position the switches are back where they are supposed to be.

Keywords: environmental control

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