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By: Environmental Controls  05/12/2011
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Hands free telephones allow a person to make and receive calls without lifting the handset. A door entry phone enables a person to answer a call to the front door, speak to the caller and then let them in if desired. Some use the standard telephone whilst others are stand alone devices that can also be operated by remote control.

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The DuoCom is a door-entry system with advanced features for people with special needs. The system consists of a front door unit and one or more room units. When a person rings the door bell the occupant answers by pressing the “Answer” button. After speaking with the caller the occupant can open the door by pressing the “Door Open” button. The electric lock is released and the caller can push open the door. If an electric door opener is fitted the door will open and close automatically. For people who have difficulty speaking three recorded phrases can be used, one for “hello who is it…”, a second for “please come in.” and a third for “call back later…”. For people who have difficulty pressing buttons, the DuoCom can be operated by any GEWA transmitter.

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The Videx door-entry system uses a person’s existing telephone to speak to a caller at the front door and open it. The system consists of a front door unit and an interface to the telephone line. When a caller rings the door bell the telephone rings twice as fast as normal. This allows the occupant to distinguish between a call to the front door and a normal incoming telephone call. When they answer the phone they can speak directly with the caller at the door. To let the caller in they press button 9 on the phone. This releases an electric lock and the caller can push open the door.

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GewaTel 200

The GewaTel 200  is a hands-free telephone that allows a person to make and receive calls without ever having to pick up the handset. In addition the phone can be operated by any GEWA transmitter. This feature can be used in a simple way to allow a person to answer a call quickly by pressing a pendant or it can be used to its maximum potential and allow a switch user to operate their phone using a PROG 3 or Progress. Other features include being able to build up a telephone number before making a call, 8 direct dial numbers and battery backup in case of power failure.

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A hardware component is required for switch users. This wireless Bluetooth interface accepts either a single switch input or a 5 switch device such as a TASH mini joystick.

For a powered wheelchair user the mobile phone can be operated without any additional hardware directly from a Genie joystick or Genie+ master remote.

Keywords: Door, electric door, Electric Lock, Free Telephones, Powered Wheelchair,

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