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By: Enviritech Engineering  05/12/2011
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Water (Brine) To Water Heat Pumps  
Water (Brine) to Water Heat Pumps are specifically designed & licensed by Enviritech for the northern European market. They are very efficient producing up to six times the amount of energy used which will mean that their unsubsidised payback period been as low as 3 years depending on the application. Furthermore they are manufactured from superior components supplied by Copeland & Emerson. They also utilize very high efficiency stainless steel heat exchangers which greatly improves their performance when compared to their competitors
Power In
Power Out
(En 14511)
LSQ03RW 1.829.99Yes5.87220/1/50
LSQ04RW 2.3912.78Yes5.71220/1/50
LSQ04RW (Brine) 2.339.7Yes4.46220/1/50
LSQ05RW 3.0219.93Yes5.99400/3/50

*COP as tested at TNO test lab in Holland and labeled in accordance with EN 14511. Testing accounts for all pump and ancillary power. EN 255 test results were also obtained which resulted in 7% increase in COP. Multiple units can be installed to achieve the demand or specials (35% deposit apply) can be produced on a eight to ten week delivery. Units are available in outdoor (stainless steel) and indoor models.
Air To Water Heat Pumps  
Air to Water heat pumps are also available. These units utilize the heat in the outside air and can operate in temperatures below –10°C. Their efficiency is lower than that of the Water to water as more power is consumed moving the air and raising the temperature through a greater temperature difference. Air to water units are rated to operate at 2°C and 35°C at this temperature an efficiency of up to 380% can be expected. The benefit is that no earth works or well boring is required for the Air to water units, resulting in reduced capital expenditure. An Air to water heat pump can be used for central heating, domestic hot water or a combination of both. The use of an electric immersion can be avoided completely with energy savings of up to 75% when an air to water heat pump is utilized.
Air to Water Heat Recovery  
Without adequate ventilation our homes would not be a comfortable and healthy environment to live in. However natural and forced ventilation increase the heat loss of our homes, to address this it is necessary to take the heat from the air before we expel it outside and reintroduce it into the heating system. Most heat recovery systems are passive and can only recover in the region of 50% of the heat. Where as the heat pump can lower the temperature of the exiting air to below the outside ambient temperature thereby capturing in excess of 100%.
Water To Air  
Water to Air which is unique to Enviritech, is particularly useful for space heating large areas such as warehouses, sports halls, auditoriums, churches and factory floors. The heater heats the air similar to a fan coil unit and is odorless and very cost effective as it is up to 750% efficient and requires no radiators or under floor heating loops. The units can be surface mounted with free discharge or concealed with ducted discharge. The units are also reversible which can provide cooling and domestic hot water during the summer months.


Keywords: heat pumps, heating, hot water

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Our design also incorporates a maximum pipe spacing of 150mm which ensures that the system is maximum efficiency and rapid response. We Provide contra flow systems which allow for even heating to the complete floor area. The pipe is a five layered pex pipe with oxygen barrier and aluminium layer.


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125610/ 3600 = 34.9 KWH.On a good day the suns irradiance can reach over 10 KWH per square meter area.However our evacuative tube solar panel are amongst the most efficient solar panels which are only 60% efficient. Dividing this figure by 3600 will result in the number of kilowatt hours. The average daily hot water usage is 70 liters per person per day. What Area Of Solar Panels Is Required.


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This information and advice provides consumers with information regarding the energy performance of a building and enables them to take this into consideration in any decisions on property transactions. The EPBD obliges specific forms of information and advice on energy performance to be provided to building purchasers, tenants and users. Enviritech engineering can provide all your energy rating and energy conservation requirements.