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By: Enrich Environmental  05/12/2011


  1. Better soil structure and increased soil fertility
  2. Greater workability than regular soils
  3. Rich in organic nutrients
  4. Slow and stable release of nutrients over a period of time
  5. Increased porosity to allow the optimum exchange of gases and moisture to the soil

Can be added to bare loose soil, at a rate between 100-150mm in depth. Rake or screed to require finish, avoid walking on the soil as it may compact unevenly, lightly compact with a level board. This will allow the soil to settle evenly and maintain a true and even finish of the turf. If required, rake the uneven areas.

How does it work?

Step 1
We build an attractive, top quality timber raised bed in your garden.

Step 2
We fill the planter with our peat free, nutrient rich organic compost mix and plant it with young growing vegetable plants.

Step 3
You simply pick your own fresh vegetables for the dinner table in a matter of weeks.
Can I get a ‘Quickcrop’ garden anywhere in Ireland?
Currently we supply and install our ‘ready to pick gardens’ to the greater Dublin area and are looking forward to expanding the service throughout Ireland.
Our flatpack timber beds and mail order seedling service are available nationwide.

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Increased water holding capacity, leading to increased water uptake during dry periods. Provides food for soil microbes which cycle nutrients and fight plant diseases. Reenergising tired and poor performing flower and shrub beds. The Compost must be thoroughly mixed with soil. Preparing the soil for roll-out turfgrass. Resulting in greater uptake of nutrients. Layer 5-8cm of compost on the area.


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The fine structure of the material means it knits together to form a blanket over the soil surface which is not blown away. The absence of any white timber provides an ideal backdrop, against which the full colour and vigour plants can be seen. The low Carbon to Nitrogen prevents nitrogen deficiencies associated with the use of fresh bark. How to use Apply a layer 8-10cm thick over the surface of the planted area.