Enrich Environmental - Products - Fine Grade Mulch

By: Enrich Environmental  05/12/2011

How to use
Apply a layer 8-10cm thick over the surface of the planted area. Keep 2cm clearance from the base of plants


  1. The absence of any white timber provides an ideal backdrop, against which the full colour and vigour plants can be seen.
  2. The fine structure of the material means it knits together to form a blanket over the soil surface which is not blown away, even on exposed sites
  3. The blanket of material prevents the development of weeds
  4. The low Carbon to Nitrogen prevents nitrogen deficiencies associated with the use of fresh bark
  5. Provides a source of slow release nutrient to the soil prevents water loss, thereby increasing the performance of plants especially during periods of little rainfall.

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Enrich Environmental - Products - General Purpose Compost

Increased water holding capacity, leading to increased water uptake during dry periods. Provides food for soil microbes which cycle nutrients and fight plant diseases. Reenergising tired and poor performing flower and shrub beds. The Compost must be thoroughly mixed with soil. Preparing the soil for roll-out turfgrass. Resulting in greater uptake of nutrients. Layer 5-8cm of compost on the area.


Enrich Environmental - Products - Vegetable Topsoil

Step 2We fill the planter with our peat free, nutrient rich organic compost mix and plant it with young growing vegetable plants. Rake or screed to require finish, avoid walking on the soil as it may compact unevenly, lightly compact with a level board. Slow and stable release of nutrients over a period of time. Better soil structure and increased soil fertility. If required, rake the uneven areas.