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By: Engage  05/12/2011
Keywords: payroll, access control, Work Patterns

OPTIMUM Software

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance solutions allow staff to clock using electronic clocking terminals, a WEB browser, or directly from their PC. All methods allow for real time data availability and automatic calculation of hours, infringements etc.

We can accommodate numerous work patterns and different shift rotations. In addition, the software can automatically transfer all data to your payroll/HR systems and produce a vast array of management reports. Companies tend to experience a rapid return on investment. Savings include more accurate calculation of hours for payroll purposes and reduced labour costs involved in payroll calculations.

Flexi Time

With increasing interest in Work Life balance, more and more companies are choosing to introduce flexible working practices into their organisations. Utilising similar clocking methods as time and attendance, the solution gives staff and management flexibility over their working day. By specifying 'core' times an employee must be present, this allows the individual to build up a bank of time within pre-defined parameters. Companies and staff have realised numerous benefits from the introduction of flexi time systems.

HR Solutions

HR solutions encompass many key areas of the HR function. This includes holding of essential data relating to employees along with specific information and coordination features relating to training, health and safety, performance management and recruitment.

Web Self Service

One of the key benefits of our software is the ability to offer employee empowerment. One of the best methods of providing this is through our Web Self Service module. This facilitates access from any PC (either internally or externally) with a Web browser. Employees can clock in/out and book leave. They can also query their hours/leave balances through the system reducing the workload of HR/Payroll departments. The Web Self Service module allows for simple installation on client sites without the need for a client/server configuration.

Cost Centre Movement

This is a valuable solution where you need to allocate employees time against different cost centres, jobs or products. The software collects and processes data to provide appropriate time allocation to different cost centres. In addition to assisting management accounting, the system ensures optimum use of human resources.

Keywords: access control, payroll, Work Patterns

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