By: Enfield Decor  05/12/2011
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Enfield Decor Ltd provides full painting and decorating services to domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. From a room that needs painting to an aircraft hanger we have done it all.

We understand that often you need more than a painting company that is why we are a full turnkey finishes consulting and application provider. Check out our full range of services below, from fire suppression finishes to wooden floor refurbishment, there is more to Enfield Decor.


The foundation of our business is painting. We can assist in the selection of different paint finishes that will give the effect you want in each room. A durable finish for the kitchen or playroom, a soft matte finish for your bedroom or a hard wearing weather resistant finish for that troublesome exterior gable wall that paint just keeps peeling off, we can select and apply a finish that meets your needs completely, we can even help you pick colours.

Wall Papering

Pick out a dramatic feature wall or paper your room in a classic or contemporary pattern. When we hang it you get a professional job that goes up and stays up.

Wooden Floors

Hiding under many carpeted floor lies a beautiful floor waiting to be set free. Using our state of the art machinery we can prepare and finish new wooden floors and give new life to tired looking wooden floors. With minimal mess and maximum speed our service leaves immaculate results which add a wow factor to any room. Various shades from light to dark can be achieved and we provide test samples to make sure you get the exact shade you want. When wooden floors are damaged using cheap hired sanders and poorly applied finishes the cost to repair can be huge, do it once and do it right.

Industrial Flooring Systems

When a specialist ultra-hard wearing flooring finish is required we can supply and apply everything you need. Our qualified application experts can pick a floor coating that is right for you, non slip, designed to facilitate heavy machinery just let us know what abuse the surface is likely to take and we will do the rest. When these coating go down they stay down!

Spray Painting

Enfield Decor hold a huge selection of specialist spray painting equipment to allow us service any size spray job from a small room to multi person spray equipment for huge projects. Our spray equipment is world class and is owned not hired meaning it is maintained in excellent working order and is ready immediately when ever required.

Intumescent Paint Systems

To meet fire safety standards many buildings require specialist fire-resistant coatings. Where these coatings are concerned it is essential that qualified professionals apply the finish. Enfield Decor is a qualified supplier and applications specialist for Intumescent Paint Systems, safety is always our priority.

Structural Steel Painting

Some of the most demanding projects involve structural steel applications. There can often be access restrictions and very large surface areas requiring innovative application methods and heightened safety procedures. Our experience of these projects is vast from massive distribution warehouses to elevator shafts.

Epoxy Concrete floor coatings

Some of the least durable surfaces are concrete that is subject to heavy traffic. The surface can break down quickly raising dust and increasing the risk of tripping and accidents. Our specialist epoxy coatings seal thee surfaces and offer increased durability and an all round better surface finish.

Anti-Bacterial hygiene paint systems

With more and more illness attributed to infection from touching contaminated surfaces a superb addition to any hygiene strategy is the use of Anti-Bacterial surface coatings. These specialist coatings can greatly reduce exposure to nasty bacteria particularly in work and medical environments.

Anti-graffiti Paint Systems

Urban settings often fall victim to street artists who can be of particular nuisance to business and home owners. Repeated painting of these surfaces is a hassle especially when the paint is so difficult to cover up. Using our Anti-graffiti finishes drastically reduces the effort in controlling this anti-social behaviour.    HYDROGRAPHICS(WATER TRANSFER PRINTING)

Choose a design and colour and turn what ever you want into a work of art,this process gives you so many different effects and finishes,any 3D odject can be dipped,this is not a vinyl rap,there are many hard wearing clear coats,gloss or matt that can be used for a strong finish.

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