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By: Energy Solutions Europe  05/12/2011
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Energy Solutions Europe stocks a complete range of Photovoltaic system components from the worlds leading suppliers.

We offer design and specification advice. Please contact us to talk about project specifics.

Our kit solutions consist of PV Panel, Inverter and Frame.

System Watt Pk Value 540 720 900 1,080 1,620 2,160 3,240 6,480
No of Modules 3 4 5 6 9 12 18 36
Inverter Stecagrid 500 Soladin 600 2 X Stecagrid 500 2 X Stecagrid 500 Fronius IG15 Fronius IG20 Fronius IG30 Fronius IG60
Frame Sloping Roof Mounted
  Flat Roof Mounted
  Roof Integrated
  Open Terrain

PV Modules

Energy Solutions Europe distributes Sharp Solar and LDK Solar Energy Systems.

Sharp is a long established leading solar PV brand.

LDK Solar Energy Systems is the largest PV wafer manufacturer in the world and have expanded their production to include the manufacturing of PV modules.

Our Modules are fully IEC & CE certified with 25 year power output guarantees.

Module Range
Manufacturer Module Code Module Type Module Power Datasheet
Sharp NUE235E1 Monocrystalline 235
Sharp NU180E1 Monocrystalline 180
Sharp ND220E1F Polycrystalline 220
Sharp ND175E1F Polycrystalline 175
LDK LDK-180D-24 Monocrystalline 180
LDK LDK-240P-20 Monocrystalline 240


PV Inverters

Fronius of Austria manufacture a range reliable, high performance inverters which are the standard within the PV industry.

Mastervolt of the Netherlands and Steca of Germany produce a range of inverters that suit sub 1KW applications.

Our Inverter range has all the necessary certificates for mains connection in the Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Fronius Inverter Range
Fronius Inverter Max Power Fronius Inverter Max Power
IG 15 1,500 W  IG Plus 35 3,500 W
IG 20 2,000 W IG Plus 50 4,000 W
IG 30 2,650 W IG Plus 70 6,500 W
IG 40 4,100 W IG Plus 100 8,000 W
IG 60HV 5,000 W IG Plus 120 10,000 W
    IG Plus 150 12,000 W
1KW Inverter Range
Inverter Max Power
Soladin 600 600 W
Stecagrid 500 500 W

PV Mounting Systems

We stock German made, high strength, high performance, elegant mounting systems. We have pre designed KITs ready to ship.

Installations instructions are included.

There is a choice of hanger bolts, standard roof hooks, and roof hooks for slate and shingle.

We can also design mounting solutions to match your specific requirements, small or large scale projects.

NEW Sharp Solar Led Amenity Lights  

Solar-powered LED Amenity Lights combine Sharp’s proprietary solar photovoltaic modules and high-intensity, long-life white light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Sharp’s solar LED Amenity Lights can be installed wherever required even in the most remote of locations, as they do not require connection to the main power grid. Their integrated battery charges throughout the day and powers the incredibly efficient LED amenity light at night. The 12 volt, deep-cycle, sealed lead battery retains enough power to operate the lighting between 5 to 7 days without exposure to daylight.

Design Services

We offer design and specification services.
Please contact us to talk about project specifics.

Keywords: Energy Systems, inverter, roof, solar energy, Solar Energy Systems