Water Well Drilling by Ellis Well Drillers

By: Ellis Well Drilling  05/12/2011
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Ellis Well Drilling - reliable and recommended

Domestic Wells:

Having a water well on your property is an important investment that you should be able to rely upon year after year.
Here at Ellis Well Drilling, we drill and case 6 inch domestic water wells with  steel casing and  pvc liners.

A typical domestic well takes a day to produce.

  • We visit your site and discuss your needs
  • We review the terrain and check that our equipment can access the drilling location
  • We then set an appointment for the work to commence

Commercial & Industrial Wells:

Drilling needs will vary determined by customer needs. The diameter of the borehole will depend on the size of the pump & volume of water requested as the casing houses the pump.
We have the ability to drill 6-12 inch diameter borehole. We also drill monitoring boreholes for various projects testing the ground.

Commercial and Industrial wells provide for various users such as geo-thermal, factories, office buildings,car wash, hotels, schools, stud farms, golf courses and much more.

A well must always be visible to ensure easy access in future years (if necessary) for maintenance work to your pump, therefore we would advise that you try not to conceal your well with buildings etc. Boreholes on completion of pump should be sealed to prevent contamination from entering the well.

Rotary Drilling:

Our drilled wells are constructed by a Rotary Drilling machine. In rotary drilling a drill bit is attached to a length of connected drill pipe. The drill bit is made of tough metals such as Tungsten as the drill is rotated using compressed air to operate a down-hole air hammer on the end of the drill pipe that helps break up hard rocks.

The compressed air blows the crushed rock fragments out of the hole to the surface along with any water that flows in the well during drilling. There are often several layers of rock in a single well and each may require different drilling procedures.

Odex Drilling & Mud Drilling:

Used for unstable ground ie sand, marl etc. Ideal for setting casing in advance unconsolidated and bedrock formations where techniques such as conventional air hammer fail.

Dimensions of the Rig:

  • Weight: 35 Tonne
  • Width: 8 ft 3 inches, (2.5m)
  • Travel Height: 13 ft 6 inches (4.1m)
  • Working Height: 40 ft 6 inches (12.3m)
  • Length 38 ft 6 inches (11.7m)

Some Considerations to Include:

  • Overhead Wires,
  • Low Bridges en route
  • Trees in Vicinity
  • Soft Ground
  • Entrance to your property

No matter which method of drilling is used,  the well is always lined with steel & plastic well casing. the diameter of the drilled hole is usually an inch or two wider than the diameter of the casing.

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