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By: Elegant And Natural  05/12/2011
Keywords: cream, skin types

Skin Optimizer 
Highly effective day and night care for normal 
and combination skin.

            Recovery Cream 
            A rich and creamy care with retinol for day and  
night. Helps reduce the first signs of 

            High Potency Complex                             
Gel for all skin types. Can be worn by itself or 
under any cream and gives the skin intense 
moisture and a fresh look.

          Retinol Eye Cream 
A light cream for the eyes. Contains retinol to 
help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.                         


         Skin Guard Mask 
         Multivitamin mask for all skin types to give the 
skin a radiant look while reducing lines and 

Restorative Concentrate
An intense treatment of vitamins to rejuvenate
the natural skin functions.

Vital Extreme
Suited for dehydrated, demanding, mautre skin. 
Enhances collagen synthesis, activates the 
metabolism of the skin and improves elasticity

 Soft Foam Cleanser
 A water activating cleanser which forms a rich     
creamy lather that removes makeup and 

 Softening Lotion
 Alcohol free toner that completes the cleansing    
process.  It has AHA that gives a slight exfoliation
effect and revitalizes the skin. 

Daytime Cream
Anti-aging daytime cream with LSF 15 sun 
protection and environmental exposure.  
Promotes Cell Metabolism and stimulates
collagen production. Gives skin firmer and fresher 

Daytime Shield
A Silky oil-free moisturizer that instantly lifts and
firms. Maintains elasticity due to loss of colagen.
Ideal for all other skin types in hot and humid
climate due to its mattifying effect.

Overnight Repair
Nightime treatment cream that regenerates and 
detoxifies the skin while you sleep. This cream 
reconstructs and protects the barrier functions of
the skin. 

Facial Redefiner
A 24-hour Cream   Extended day and night cream
that smooths away fine lines. Restores resilience,
firmness and radiation as your skin remembers how
to hold and maximize skin moisture.

Eye and Lip Zone Lift
One luxurious cream for eyes and lips to solve all
signs of premature aging. Firms, hydrates and
reduces under-eye puffiness. Not recommended for
dark circles around the eyes.

Advanced Face Lift
The most effective serum for lines and wrinkles with 
a pronounce lifting effect. It’s a face lift for eyes, lips,
neck area and any problem areas. Improves early
signs of aging.

Renewing Concentrate

Is highly concentrated apple stem cell with active ingredients to soften mimic lines. Two ways to use: 1) one ampoule, half one day and half the other day or    2) one ampoule and only use for fine lines or special areas up to 4 days. 

Renewing Eye Gel

Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes making them appear firmer and all signs of tiredness are reduced. Has caffeine that helps reduce puffiness in a new easy roll-on applicator. Apply to skin morning and night.

Renewing Face Cream
A 24 hour regenerative care cream for the face. This cream has an intense moisturizing effect that leaves the skin feeling soft and velvety. Apply to skin morning and night.

Perfect Hand Mask
This hand mask gives moisture and improves the texture on the skin. Even rough hands quickly look smoother and wrinkles appear less noticeable.

Hand Sugar Peeling
To be used for hand and feet. The selected oils from marigold, sunflower, jojoba and sweet almonds provide the skin with precious active ingredients.

Foot Repair Balm
This regenerating cream nourishes dry skin and makes it wonderfully smooth and soft again. Apply daily to prevent rough, chapped and dry skin.

Creamy Sun Gel 15
An oil free gel recommended for oily and combination skin.  It has both a UVA and a UVB filter.  It is considered a medium protection.

Sun Cream 30
This is a water resistant sun cream with a UVA and UVB filter.  This is recommended for sensitive, dry skin.  This is considered a high protection cream. 

Self Tanning Cream
This cream will give you a beautiful bronze complexion within two to three hours.  It contains no sun protection, and is suitable for all skin types.

Bath Cream
              This enriched bath cream with almond oil, olive oil, and
brown algae extract leaves your body with a silky soft
feeling.This bath cream is foam free and is suitable for all skin

                                    Shower Cream
                  This silky shower cream is enriched with natural brown algae
extract for a wonderful, rich lather that leaves the skin feeling soft
and smooth.

Body Lotion
This is an intense anti-aging body lotion that increases elasticity and moisture to the skin.  It has a light, flowery, fruity fragrance. 

Sculpting Gel
This is a highly concentrated serum for the loss of elasticity and sagging of the skin.  Peeling Salt
A sea salt peeling that thoroughly removes dead cells and impurities. The skin is left feeling immediately smoother, softer, and renewed.

          Anti Cellulite Gel
This refreshing gel helps to prevent the visible signs of 
cellulite which leaves the skin feeling smooth and lifted


Anti Cellulite Serum
This is a powerful concentrate for professional use only 
for areas affected by fatty deposits.


                    Dermal Whitening Concentrate
                    Concentrate for pigmentation marks.  (Not a bleaching 
agent) Inhibits the melanin production.  Whitening 
products are more intensive when skin is protected with 
SPF of 25 or higher.

                                        Dermal Eye Repair
                    Light eye gel helps reduce dark circles and swelling 
around the eye.  Dermal Eye Repair leaves the eye area 
looking firmer.

                                          Dermal Renewal Serum
A light AHA complex with a natural peeling which will not
irritate the skin.  Suitable for daily use.

                                              Dermal Calming Gel
                     A cooling gel to calm down skin and can also be used as a  
mask. Not to be used on a daily basis.



                     Dermal Repair Complex
      A cooling emulsion for dry demanding skin.  Contains plant
oils to moisturize the skin to help reduce the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles.

    Dermal Age Defy (Light)
An Intensive 24hour light cream that is great for dry skin.   
This intensive cream also tightens and increases elasticity. 
Can also be used as a make-up base.

                                                    Dermal Tonic Spray (Non-Alcoholic)
A light soothing spray that helps soothe irritated skin and
also adds intensive moisture.

                                                  Dermal Oil Cleanser
                         This water soluble 2 phase deep cleanser is very gentle for                            the most sensitive skin.  This cleanser also removes water-                         resistant make-up.  (Not recommended for eye make-up                          removal).                        

                                         AH Care 10%
                                         Fruit acid preparation in 10% concentration (For all skin types)

                                         AH Care 20%
  Fruit acid preparation in 20% concentration (For all skin types)

                                         AHA Neutralization
Neutralization gel for fruit acid treatment.  PH-Neutralizing
Complex.  To be used with AH Care 10 and 20.

    StriLift Plus Eye Cream
    Helps diminish fine lines around the eye area and helps
reduce puffiness. It also has a decongestant effect that
helps reduce the puffiness as well.

    StriLift Plus Face Cream  
Increases mosture and gives the skin a youthful  

Yogurt Mask

This cooling gel mask contains yogurt extract for dry, irritated, and sun burned skin.  Proteins, vitamins, lipids, minerals, and lactose help to balance the skin.  Apply mask evenly to the face and neck and allow it to penetrate for 10-15 minutes.  Remove residue with a moist compress.

Vinotherapy Spa Mask
This cream mask contains polyphenals of red wine for protecting the skin against proteins of white lupine flower to replenish moisture to the skin.  It alleviates fine lines and wrinkles and gives the skin a new vitality.  Apply mask evenly to the face and neck and allow it to penetrate for 10-15 minutes.  Remove with a moist compress.

Cranberry Mask
This cream mask contains cranberry oils which were used by Native Americans to heal wounds and also had a high anti-oxidant effect.  It is good for all skin types, leaving the skin radiant and smooth.  Apply mask evenly to the face and neck and allow it to penetrate for 10-15 minutes.  Remove with a moist compress.

      Gentle Face Cleanser
Gentle Face Tonic

   For dry, sensitive, and rosacea skin. 
Irritation is avoided and the skin is gently calmed.

      Balancing Cleanser
Balancing Tonic

   For combination skin. 
Your complexion is left looking refreshed and clear.

      Clarifying Cleanser 
Clarifying Tonic
   For acne skin. 
   An anti-bacteria effect to control impurities.

                           Creamy Foam Cleanser
              For all skin types
              Light, plant-based cleansing foam that rapidly and
intensively removes oil and water-soluble

                      Exfoliating Tonic
           For all skin types
           Intense cleansing for all skin types and is soap-free. 

                      Vitalizing Facial Scrub 
           For all skin types
Gentle peeling removes dead skin cells from the skin making
your skin more even and fine.

Rich Revitalizer
For very dry skin
Valuable oils leave the skin soft and supple and regulating the skin's lipid balance.

Vitamin Cream
For very dry skin
Activiating night cream for dry, scaly skin.  Rough and scaly patches of the skin are smooth again.

                       Intensive Moist Gel
            Oil free moisturizer

                                            Hydro Plus Cure
                      For moisture-deficient skin
                      The skin is moisturized and left looking refreshed and radiant
reducing small laughter lines.

Tinted Day Cream
For all skin types
Available in three colors, this tinted moisturizer leaves a matte finish.

  Sensitive Cream
 For sensitive skin
 Day and Night cream for sensitive skin.

  Nutri Calm Cream
 For very sensitive skin 
Rich night cream for the dry, sensitive skin.

                                Couperose Cream
                For rosacea skin
                Special cream to reduce redness.

                  Couperose Cure
         For rosacea skin 
Ampoule therapy for rosacea skin.

Prevents inflammation
Protecting and strengthening active substance concentrate of green, white, and red tea.

Sebo Balancer
For mixed-condition skin and oily skin
Day cream for combination skin that regulates oil production.

Oil Control Cream
Normalizing 24h cream with balancing lactic enzymes
Day and Night cream for combination skin that helps to regulate oil.

                              24h Clearing Cream
               For impure skin 
An antibacterial cream for problem skin.

                              Blemish Control
               Spot cream with antiseptic effect for problem areas.

                            Deep Pore Cleanser
              Enzyme peeling for sensitive and irritated skin.                  

                                Clearing Mask
                Special mask for oily, combination skin.

                          Oil Control
             Effective concentrate with antibacterial effect to help 

                                              Touch Stick
                       Antiseptic spot roll-on to help clean up impurities.

      Olive 24h Face Cream light
   Light, soft cream for day and night

     Olive 24h Face Cream rich
   Rich cream for day and night

                                  Olive Eye Care Cream
                 Smoothing eye care

                                Nano Q10 + Omega 3 + 6 Energy Serum
                 Intensive gel for all skin types

      Nano Q10 + Omega 3 + 6 Enerigizing Day Cream
      For oxy-deficient skin

      A light moisturizing cream for day.

Nano Q10 + Omega 3 + 6 Energizing Night Cream
     For oxy-deficient skin
     A rich cream for night.

                       Nano Q10 + Omega 3 + 6 Energy Eye Balm
            Light eye care with soft consistency

            Nano Q10 + Omega 3 + 6  Age Control
      Energizing active substance concentrate

  Enzymatic Beautifier 
 An enzyme moisturizer for all skin types 

Quick Lift Eye Pads
  Regenerating, effective treatment that produces immediate 
results to reduce wrinkles and increase moisture.

Arcelox Cream
For normal, dry, and sensitive skin
24h cream to combat mimic lines 

24h Cream Rich
For extremely dry skin
24h cream to combat mimic lines

                                                         Power Moisturizer
                             Moisture emulsion with marine silk

    Day Time Protector
  Moisturizes dry skin

  Moisture Restore
  Rich and intensive 24h care

  Nighttime Ultrarich
  Night cream for dry skin

                                       Organic Mud Mask
                     Moisturizing and nutritious facial mask

        Caviar Day Cream
    Vitalising day care with light protection

       Caviar Night Cream
    Restructuring night care

                        Caviar Daily Eye Gel
            Cooling eye gel that helps reduce puffiness and dark circles
around the eye

                                                  Caviar Time Release Mask
                         For firming and vitalising

                                    Caviar DNA Essential
                  New energy and vitality

                                              Mild Gel Cleanser
                       Gently foaming, tolerated, lipid free cleansing gel

                                              Refreshing Lotion
                       Refreshing facial lotion

           Lifting Comfort Cream
      Soft, hightly effective 24h anti-ageing care

          Deep Moisture Lift
      24h intensive moisture for the deeper layers of the

         Deep Moisture LIft Rich
      Rich, intensive 24h moisture care

                                    No Age Serum
                  Gentle, mattifying emulsion for skin thats oily and

         Silky Eye Cream
     Deep-acting, revitalising eye cream

                                                 Lifting Eye Care
                         Light, moisturising eye gel with lifting effect

                                          Lifting Eye Mask
                     Cooling anti-stress eye mask

          Neck Firming Care
       Cream composition for a beautiful neck and 

           Triple Action Hand Cream
      Hand cream with three-fold effect

             Lift Repair Mask
       Skin smoothing care mask

    Total Face Lift
  Co-ordinated anti-ageing combination with an immediate
effect to lift the skin

                            Body Care Tea
              For enjoyment of to offer support during weight
reduction and fasting

              Natural Spray
              Natural Fragrance

                                           After Shave Mosturizer
                      Alleiates the burning of stressed skin after shaving.                       Protectes and replenishs the skin for the entire day.


                                                        Shower Gel
                            This creamy, mild foam cleans the skin gently

                                            Anti-Aging Cream
                       A rich, soft anti-aging skincare. Apply onto clean, dry  

                                                    Eye Gel Cream
                          A mosturising, decongesting eye care for tired areas  
around the eyes.

                                            Anti-Aging Fluid Mat
                      A line reducing, mosturising and calming fluid. It helps
regulate oil production on the skin. Apply onto clean,
dry skin. 


                         Methode Ayurveda

                        Methode Pinda Sveda

                              Red jasper
               From South Africa to stimulate the skin

                                                   Green Adventure
                                                   From Zibabwe that promotes relaxation

Keywords: cream, skin types

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