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By: Effective  05/12/2011
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Effective Software - Risk Management Made Easy

Identifying and risk assessing hazards is one of the core principles of an effective health & safety policy. Building risk assessment, informing or training your employees on these risks, assigning & implementing control measures are all key elements within an efficient management system.

Whether managing these responsibilities in- house or with external consultants, health+safety allows you to implement or develop your risk management system with ease as well as many other company benefits.


  • Build risk assessments with ease or attach previously completed Risk Assessments
  • Use standard default risk calculators or draft your own in our admin section
  • Assign individual responsibility & cost for each corrective action/control measure
  • Keep all superseded Risk Assessments on record
  • Provide limited access to external consultants if required to administer risk management
  • Monitor corrective action closures & completion records


  • Identifying hazards & reducing risk will lead to reduction in accidents & lost time
  • Quicker than traditional methods for completing & distributing risk assessments
  • Whether working with external consultants or in-house health & safety personnel, employees have instant access to new Risk Assessments as they are completed.
  • Track your closure rates on corrective actions and see your current safety score in real time as targets and actions are met.
  • Central location for entire risk management of organisation.
  • Ability to grant employee read access to review Risk Assessments absolutely free of charge.
  • Identifying and proactively dealing with risk can help with reductions in insurance premiums
  • Track your training compliance to approved Risk Assessments

Keywords: Risk Assessments

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