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By: Effective  05/12/2011
Keywords: risk assessment, Automatic Notification

Effective Software - Incident & Accident Tracking Made Easy

In order to decrease the number of accidents in your organisation it is imperative to develop a culture of incident & accident reporting.

Our software allows you to do this with no additional cost. Unlike other software providers health+safety offers free user licences for any number of employees in your organisation to report accidents.

Admin users can carry out investigations, assign & monitor corrective actions, track the cost of lost time and corrective action implementation, build reports, incorporate training records and documentation all from within the software system.


  • Instant notification of reported Incidents & Accidents to authorised personnel.
  • Assign responsibility of corrective actions
  • Track completion, closure & cost of corrective actions
  • Automatic notification for assigned responsibilities
  • Free unlimited accident reporting licences
  • Carry out incident investigations
  • Build detailed incident reports
  • Easily display and share graphical reports on any I & A information
  • Specific Road Traffic Accident section
  • Easy to use body map and vehicle map when reporting accidents


  • Faster response to Incident & Accident reporting
  • Track & report on, lost time, injuries, costs & corrective actions. Set KPI’s for improvement and Incident & Accident reduction
  • Increased transparency within your organisation
  • Cultivate an accident reporting culture, reducing occurrences and promoting safe working practice
  • No additional costs for Incident & Accident users
  • Incidents & Accidents can be linked to Risk Assessment to continuously improve your control measures

Keywords: Automatic Notification, risk assessment

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