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By: Edenville Counselling  05/12/2011
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Here at Edenville Counselling and Psychotherapy in Dublin 2, we understand that life has many strands and one problem can be linked to another therefore there may be more then one area that needs exploring.

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Anger Management

Do you find yourself getting angry and aggressive; are you noticing yourself getting angry more and more? Is this becoming your regular response to those in your life?  Anger can stem from feelings of upset or frustration or not having your voice heard. If you feel you want to discuss this or that this may be what is causing you most distress contact us to make an appointment.

Are you finding yourself drinking or taking drugs to the extent that it is impacting on your life? Do you find life easier when you have a drink on board and yet are worried that there is something not balanced in your life.

Addiction is not just about drugs and alcohol, we can be addicted to work, sugar, relationships and more… Why not call for a free consultation where you can discuss your concerns further with a qualified therapist.

Are you finding it hard to deal with the loss or death of someone or something?

Has someone’s departure from your life changed how you view the world and what it means to you? Maybe it would help to talk about it, why not make an appointment to discuss this further.

Anxiety can appear in many different ways, sometimes we might eat too much or not at all, we might drink too much or we might shy away from situations which have the potential to bring us out in a rash! If you feel yourself getting anxious and are unsure as to its cause why not call and talk through your concerns at a free consultation.

Are you coping with an illness or with someone who is ill and it is taking its toll on you? Are you worried that the stress is causing you more than you can take? Looking after those who are ill is a full time occupation and can get in on us if we don’t have additional support. If you feel it would benefit to talk about this fill in the contact sheet to make an appointment.

In these tough times there are so many challenges that pull at us in many different ways. Are you finding it hard to cope and wondering what its all about? Perhaps you are down and want to talk but don’t know where to start. If that is the case, fill in the contact page and Edenville will call you back to further discuss your options.

Life is a journey and sometimes it can help to discuss where you are going and what you hope to gain along its path. We all wonder at times about our potential and the choices we make but if you wish to go further with this, make an appointment to talk to a therapist by filling in our contact sheet.

Family conflicts are part of life however if they take over our thoughts or our day to day functioning it can be unbearable, exploring where they come from can be a huge relief and can help in how we understand ourselves. Talking about how are family has influenced is one of the main reasons people enter into therapy so if you feel you would benefit from this why not make an appointment for a free consultation.

Have you experienced a loss one that you cannot discuss with anyone? Is this added fact highlighting the effects of this for you? There are many reasons why you might find yourself in this situation and deciding to keep your decision private is your choice, is does not mean that you want to cope with it alone. If this resonates with you call Edenville and we can discuss it further at a free consultation at a time which suits you.

Stress and Coping

Understanding why something stresses us out is one step on the road to being better able to cope with the problem. Getting stressed out is also part of life, however nowadays we are sometimes prevented from showing how stressed we might be, perhaps we don’t want to upset those in our lives, perhaps we feel its inappropriate to do so in a particular setting. If you can relate to this and want to understand more fill in the contact sheet and a therapist will respond shortly.

Relationships are one of the main motivators behind people entering therapy. We all have relationships with others, and because of our society are around others all the time. That doesn’t mean it is all smooth running. Sometimes we need to discuss how relationships are not working and sometimes we need to discuss what can make them work better from our perspective. Do you find yourself yearning for a relationship yet seem to sabotage it when it happens? Call us to make an appointment to see how you can put an end to these concerns.

Is the prospect of going in to work getting you down? Are you calling in sick just so you can excuse yourself from the environment? Are you bored and wonder where you life is going? Perhaps you’d like to understand this more if so contact edenville.

Are you wondering where you are going in life, does your day to day leave you asking what it is all about? Do you believe there is something out there that you should be doing but are unsure as to what it is or fearful of making the move towards it? If so call today for an appointment and we can discuss it further.

Call 086 367 9648 or and we can take it from there.

Keywords: Counselling And Psychotherapy