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Blood Pressure & Heart Disease

Investigations available on site include 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, and electrocardiogram (ECG) testing.

Blood testing for cholesterol and diabetes can also be arranged.

Cardiovascular risk can be estimated, and advice or treatment offered.

Full health checks are available.

Child Health & Development

Here in Edenpark surgery we take child health and development seriously.

Both Dr Wheeler and Dr O'Dwyer have worked in paediatrics during the hospital part of their training as well as while training in general practice.

Both are fathers themselves and so understand the concerns parents or guardians have about their children and know what it is like to be woken up at night by a sick child.

Sick Children

We think it is important that if you are really worried about a sick child that you can get medical advice and or attention swiftly. When you phone and tell us you have a sick child you will be offered an appointment for that day .

If for some reason you feel that the appointment is not soon enough, then please mention it to the secretaries who will then get one of the doctors to phone you back urgently.

If your child has a rash that you think may be contagious let the secretaries know so that they can put you in a spare room when you arrive to avoid the risk of transmitting any infection. Your child will be seen much more quickly if you bring them to the surgery rather than waiting for a house call.

The policy of the doctors at Edenpark surgery is to reserve house calls for the housebound, elderly or very sick. Children can be safely brought to the surgery in nearly all cases.

Growth and development

The growth and development of children is just as important as treating their coughs and colds and other illnesses. A child's growth should follow a normal pattern over time and these normal patterns, or growth curves, as they are called are contained in tables and graphs.

Children of the same age obviously vary in height and weight but if you think your child is growing too slowly or is getting too heavy or you are concerned in any way then book a routine appointment with one of the doctors. Your child will be examined and the measurements checked to determine whether there is anything wrong or whether it is within the expected range of normality.

Tables also exist for a child's development of social, speech and so called motor skills (sitting, walking, jumping etc) and also for pubertal development. If you have any concerns in these areas, again make an appointment to see one of the doctors. This type of consultation takes a bit longer than the average so ask the secretaries for a "double appointment" which will allow enough time to make the assessment.

Emotional /Behavioural/Psychological problems

Some children may show emotional, behavioural or psychological problems as they grow up. These can occur at any age and range from things like sleep problems and tantrums to hyperactivity or autism or depression. Such problems are not only difficult for the child but are extremely stressful for parents or guardians.

If you are struggling with difficulties such as these then again feel free to make an appointment. Sometimes doctors find it is useful to speak to the parent without the child being in the room particularly when the child is a bit older so you may like to come alone or with your spouse/partner to the first appointment.

Over 16?

Young people are often very aware of their health issues and can often give a very good account of their problems. We always try to get the young person to share in the consultation and decision making as much as possible.

The law allows young people of 16 years and over to visit a GP on their own. Such consultations are confidential and parents do not have a right to know what was discussed, though we will usually encourage a young person to share the information with their parents or guardians.

Childhood Vaccinations

A dedicated walk-in vaccination clinic is held in Edenpark Surgery for babies receiving their 1st vaccinations with the GP. This runs from 14:30-15:15 every Wednesday. All other vaccinations can be booked with Nurse Eimear at a time convenient to you.

A Pneumococcal "Catch-up" programme is underway and is applicable to all babies born between 2nd September 2006 and 30th June 2008.

Different vaccinations are sometimes offered in other countries and these may be available here also. A charge may be payable if the doctor feels administration of such a vaccine is necessary.

Eden Health Check

We are now able to offer a comprehensive health check at Edenpark Surgery.

What is it for?

  • To identify early signs of disease
  • To identify risk of inherited disease
  • To identify risk of lifestyle associated disease
  • To allow people to raise health issues and questions
  • To receive appropriate health promotion advice
  • To receive appropriate treatment

What does it involve?

The health check is conducted by your GP and Nurse Eimear. It involves a detailed discussion with your GP covering current health issues, your lifestyle and how that may impact on your health, your past illness experience and your family's history of illness.

This will be followed by a full physical examination including prostate, testicular or breast examination and cervical smear tests. Blood and urine will be sent for analysis to test for diabetes, thyroid and cholesterol etc and an ecg performed.

Other tests and more specialised investigations will be arranged as needed. When all the information has been collected a written report will be sent to you and arrangements made for further follow up if needed.

Who is it aimed at?

The check is aimed at people over 40 who do not see their doctor regularly or who want a complete check up.

How much does it cost?

The cost is €200 which includes initial consultation & examination, initial investigations, written report and recommendations. For more details contact the secretaries.

Maternity Care

Medical advice before, during and after pregnancy, shared anti-natal care, breastfeeding support and two & six week post-natal checkups are available through the practice.

We have a foetal doppler machine which will allow you listen to your baby's heart beat.

Maternity care is free to both private and medical card patients.

Skin Clinic & Minor Surgery

Dr Wheeler has a special interest in dermatology and minor surgery. He worked in dermatology at Hume Street Hospital in Dublin where he also gained surgical experience working with a plastic surgeon. He completed the Diploma of Practical Dermatology in 1994 and is a member of the Primary Care Dermatology Society.

Many people think nothing can be done for a skin problem and suffer on without seeking help. At Edenpark surgery Dr Wheeler runs a regular "Skin Clinic". So please make an appointment if you need advice on eczema and dermatitis, psoriasis or acne.

Skin cancer is in the news a lot these days and quite rightly since it is on the increase. If you have a new or changing mole on your skin or have a "sore" on your skin which crusts but does not heal then make an appointment for the "Skin Clinic". There the area in question will be examined carefully using a dermatoscope (skin microscope) if needed. You will also be offered a full skin check and advice on skin cancer prevention and early detection. Biopsy or removal of lesions will be undertaken as required.

We also offer minor surgery to treat cysts and ingrown toenails. Warts and verrucas are harmless and do not have to be treated since they usually disappear in time but if they are troublesome, painful or unsightly then treatment with Cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen) will be offered.

Digital skin photography allows the progress of moles to be recorded and also allows the monitoring of certain treatments such as acne which can take time to show an improvement.

All of these services are covered by the medical card. For private patients minor surgery and cryotherapy are fully covered for people with Quinn / VHI / VIVAS health insurance.

Travel Advice & Vaccinations

The practice is a recognised Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and can provide a full range of travel vaccinations.

You are best to talk to us as early as possible particularly if your trip is to a long haul destination.

Please phone Nurse Eimear to check what you need for your particular destination and to book your appointments.

A consultation fee is payable on first visit: €50 per person / €70 per couple.

Yellow fever
Tetanus / Diphteria
€30 (GMS free)
Tetanus / Diphteria / Polio
Flu / Pneumonia
€30 (GMS free)
€420 full course (x3inj)
Not in stock
Hepatitis A
€40 per dose
Hepatitis A & B (adult)
€45 per dose
Hepatitis A & B (child)
€30 per dose
Hepatitis B (adult)
€30 per dose
Hepatitis B (child)
€30 per dose
Hepatitis A & Typhoid
€65 per dose
€50 per dose
€45 per dose

Women's Health

We offer comprehensive family planning. We can provide confidential advice on all the different forms of contraception.

We insert intrauterine devices and the "Implanon" contraceptive device.

We can offer advice on period problems, the menopause and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

We are registered with "CervicalCheck" to provide smear tests to screen for cervical cancer. We can provide vaccinations to prevent against Cervical Cancer and these are provided at cost price.

We also offer full advice and can arrange testing for Osteoporosis (brittle bones).

We can test for sexually transmitted diseases including Chlamydia, HIV and Gonnorhoea. This can usually be done by means of a blood test, urine sample or swab.

Men's Health

Full health checks are available.

Advice and investigation is available for health problems such as erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer.

We can test for sexually transmitted diseases including Chlamydia, HIV and Gonnorhoea. This can usually be done by means of a blood test or urine sample.

16 - 21 Health

At Edenpark Surgery we offer a healtlh initiative aimed specifically at our younger patients and it is called '16-21 Health'.

We know you are being bombarded with "health information" from film, TV programs, magazines and advertising, but do you know what to believe or which information to trust?

You may have questions about contraception, sexually transmitted disease, weight gain, exercise, skin conditions, smoking cessation, drug use & dependance or depression.. the list is endless! The good news is that we want to answer these questions for you.

Our aim is to promote health awareness and provide information that is trustworthy and relevant to you, so that you can make informed choices now and in the future.

We expect you to encounter some difficult situations over the coming months and years. Hopefully by exploring your options with us you will make the right choices.

Appointment System

Feedback has led us to change from a walk in service to an appointment system, and an appointment can be arranged by text message, which we know is favoured by our younger clients.

TEXT: 086 0499791

Anybody aged from 16 to 21 can meet with the doctor or nurse. Either phone the surgery, drop in or text us for an appointment!


Appointments will be free when you quote '1621 Health' at the time of making your appointment.

Confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you, "what you say to us stays with us".

We always encourage young people to talk to their families about stressful problems they may have, but be assured that our discussions will remain confidential.

Blood Tests

Available at the Surgery for your convenience at a small extra charge.

GP services

The full range of services available in Edenpark Surgery is listed on the left hand side.

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