Services Overview

By: Econiq  05/12/2011

The Econiq methodology is based on three key phases as set out below.  Each phase is intended to deliver value in its own right as well as representing a logical building block that will gradually mature an organization’s frontline capabilities.  

Our ethos as a company and our engagement model with customers is based on following this framework.

Phase 1 – Inform

  • Unique insight to current performance through detailed reporting
  • Identify opportunities to sell and cross sell that are currently being missed
  • Identify inefficiencies and process gaps that impact ability to serve the customer effectively

Phase 2 - Perform

  • Achieve improved sales orientated behavior by staff
  • Techniques to drive sales through service and cross sales
  • Improvement customer experience & greater operational efficiency through process augmentation

Phase 3 - Transform

  • Enshrine a culture of continuous improvement
  • Analyze and understand historical data to change behaviors today and in the future

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Solutions Overview

Econiq is a unique solution that will improve customer service and increase branch profitability by 20% - 25% on average. Detailed management reports bringing unique insight to employee & customer behavior & business performance in real time. The Econiq solution is truly unique within the financial services sector. Out of the box functionality built on years of domain expertise. It does this by addressing four key requirements.