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By: Ecom Advisors  05/12/2011

Clients have told us that partnering with eCom Advisors has given them a broader strategic perspective on their competitive market, and helped them successfully implement solutions that improve their organization's market position.

We believe that good strategy comes from the integration of objective internal and external data, methodical analysis, sound business judgment, and strong collaboration among your leadership team.

Our most successful projects have resulted from helping our clients listen to their customer. Customers will always explain what you are doing right, how you stack up against your competition, where you are at risk, whether your price represents a fair value for your product, where you have opportunities for improvement, and what other products you should consider offering.

We help clients understand and embrace emerging market trends including: Direct Billing, Electronic Invoicing, Presentment & Payment (EIPP), Enterprise Payments, Real Time and Expedited Transactions, Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, Alternative Payment Methods, Consumer Convenience Fees, Person to Person (P2P) Payments and the Social Networking Phenomenon.

We can help your organization with a broad array of eCommerce challenges. To help maximize your return on investment, we have developed proven tools to separate "wish list" items from value elements that customers are willing to pay for.