By: Eco Energy Systems  05/12/2011
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Geothermal Energy

The sun's energy can be harnessed in the form of heat in the earth.  It is this stored heat that is converted by heatpumps into heating and hot water for your home. An array of pipe is buried under ground to collect that heat which is then fed into the heat pump through a heat-transfer medium and converted into higher temperatures for your heating.  The heat pump produces far more energy than it consumes.

Biomass Energy

Generating heat from biomass is economically sound, environmentally friendly and offers a high degree of operating comfort.  Trees historically played a predominate role in meeting humanity's heat demands, as well as providing our first renewable energy resource.  Nowadays trees can be harvested and converted to logs, pellets or waste wood chip for use in various types of boilers.  Biomass is used for all heating needs primary and secondary (home heating and water).

Solar Energy

The sun radiates an immense amount of energy to the earth.  The solar radiation on the globe of half an hour would be enough to meet the worldwide energy demand.  In Ireland it is possible to get 70% of a households hot water needs from the sun.

A solar heating system involves direct conversion of light into heat, usually consisting of a solar collector, a regulating unit with pump and a well-insulated hot water panels are generally used for hot water heating (secondary heating) this reduces your conventional heating demand by 65 to 70 percent.  One can also have a system involving more panels that is interconnected with your home heating system using a buffer tank. The two main types of collectors we use are flat panel collectors and tube collectors.

Air to Water Energy

This works on the same principle of taking heat from the sun indirectly.  A unit (that looks somewhat like an air conditioner unit 1x1x 2m) is placed outside the home and extracts heat from the air. There is no need for bore holes or ground collectors so it can be installed quickly and easily in any house.  This method is especially suitable for areas in which it is not possible to drill into rock or the garden is too small.

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