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By: Eco Cleaning Services  05/12/2011
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Graffiti removal is a major problem in most cities, towns and villages around the country. We offer the only graffiti removal service that will get rid of the problem. We can remove graffiti from virtually any surface brick, stone, concrete, aluminium, poles, signs, bus shelters, pavements, wood and glass and many other surfaces smooth or textured. We offer a graffiti removal service within 24 hours of calling. We offer a catcher-coat which acts as an invisable barrier so as graffiti can not be sprayed on the surface again, acting as a prevention of graffiti damage in the future.

Chewing Gum is everywhere! From floors, pavements, tarmacadam, paths, patios, cobblelock and all limestone and granite surfaces. Our machines will remove chewing gum from any surface, we use environmentally friendly steam and pressure. This leaves no trace of chewing gum behind unlike traditional methods. After the chewing gum is removed the surface gets a deep clean leaving a flawless finish. This is the ideal chewing gum removalsolution.

Entrance Mats are everywhere, in Shops, Schools, Hotels and Business Entrances. These mats are often covered in gum, dirt, grime and many other stains. Our machines will remove all carpet stains and leave the mats like new. Contact us for a no obligation free demonstration today.

We offer a high quality steam cleaning service at a reasonable price. We are able to vary the pressure of the steam to suit individual jobs. Steam Cleaning can remove algae, moss, fuel, oil and grease from any surface.

Driveways-Paths-Patios-Decking etc. require cleaning annually. At Eco Clean we are able to clean any surface without damaging the environment. We can do this using various applications. We use custom built washers hot/cold, flat surface cleaners and rotary cleaners all of these at 200 bar pressure which is also more powerful than your standard pressure. Using these systems we are able to clean cobblelock or driveway bringing it back to life without disrupting the sand in the joints. We can repair and restore tarmacadam.

When paving, brickwork or cobblelock is first laid out it looks great, but after a few years when the dirt sets in it looks washed out and faded. At Eco Cleaning Services we have the equipment to bring it back to its original state. As part of the package in every job we also remove weeds, moss and alage and then we seal and protect the surface. This is carried out with all our flat surface cleaners and only with the use of proper chemicals and protecters.

At Eco Cleaning we offer a wide range of car park cleaning. From chewing gum removal and graffiti removal to lines and zebra crossings. We also clean trolly bays and intensively clean shop fronts with minimal disturbance. We do this by using super silent generators and power washers and working around a time that is most convenient for you.

Most roofs, gutters, soffits and fascia gather moss and algae during their lifespan. We can remove all this unwanted grime with our pole systems and roof cleaners. Our machines are designed to cause no disruption to any roof.

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