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By: Ebauche  05/12/2011

This is a strictly invite only gig, and I’ve procrastinated too long and they’ve closed the invitation list. Still, I’ll let you know what’s going on and hopefully I’ll get a nice recording of what promises to be quite an improvised set.

When: 24th November 2007
Doors 10pm o’clock

Where: Foley Street, Dublin 1

Price: Donation € 8,00 if possible

The Alphabet Set Collective presents:

A night of collaborative art, sound, movement and visual experimentation.

Bluefood with Emma Martin

As a classically trained dancer Emma Martin has over the past few months been attempting to tap into the memories and impressions that classical movement has imprinted on and in her physical being. With Paul’s soundscape performed live, Emma will use this to scratch the surfaces of instinctual movement to explore and experience the patterns of movement

Emma Martin and Paul Rowan have worked together previously on a Theatre Dance performance of ‘Play3sum’, by Jeff Gormley, in association with the Soulgunwarriors which was presented with great success at the Electric Picnic 2007. This is Emmas second time to collaborate with Bluefood.

Enagh Farrell with Ebauche

Especially for Passages, multi-disciplinary artist Enagh Farrell is teaming up for the first time with Alphabet Set’s Ebauche, who slowly builds layers of textured noise giving way to ambience while Farrell performs, slowly altering the audiences view, revealing and unravelling to create something unexpected. The collaboration is at once dark, yet strangely beautiful.


Kavi will artistically build a visual environment with the musicians, fine artist and dancer involved. The conception lies in projecting real time feed as well pre-filmed material, that have been prepared with Emma and Enagh. real-time feed will build up existing mood of performance while being mixed with other video samples which will resolve much deeper
story of people involved. The video footage is very interpersonal and specially created for this particular performance.

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Weird synths build into walls of sound and fall away into a breathtaking panorama of auditory hallucinations; bells chime and disappear into the distance; distorted voices bubble under the surface, before being washed away; and mangled beats, held at arms length, burst into view when they can be restrained no longer.


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There are a couple of minor glitches during the set, although I’m not sure if this was a recording problem or something that wigged out on my computer. This set has only one pre-released track and includes a good few tracks from my Mantua Festival live set.