By: Eastcoast International  05/12/2011

Combining the knowledge of the medieval herbalists with modern research, we have developed a very unique recipe for helping you to maintain good health naturally.

RUBINI®  is 100% Elderberry, containing approx 300 Elderberries per lozenge. Each lozengee contains no added starch, gluten, yeast, lactose, preservatives , artificial colours or flavours. Just pure Elderberry.

Not every Elderberry is the same. There are 15 different species and more than 400 varieties. The Black Elderberry is the most popular one with "Haschberg" being its best variety.  This has been cultivated in Styria, Austria by more than 800 farmers for more than 20 years. It is the Elderberry with the highest content of Vitamin C, minerals, trace elements and added to this the high Magnesium content of the soil in Styria, turn the compounds into a unique and powerful Flavon-Complex.Flavonoids are plant pigments that are responsible for the almost black colour of the Elderberries, as well as, the protection of the fruit. In addition, flavonoids can strengthen our immune system.

  • 24 lozenges per box 
  • Approx 300 Elderberry per lozenge
  • Made from the purest Black Haschberg Austrian Elderberry
  • No side effects
  • Free of artificial substances
  • Suitable to be taken daily (Children from age 6)
  • No sugar added (suitable for Diabetics, 0,025 BE/lozenge)
  • Free from animal components: suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • No Lactose, Gluten, artificial colours or aromas added
  • No gene modified substances

Each lozenge contains:
245,00 mg Elderberry Concentrate (Sambucus nigra L.) min. 14% Anthocyanins
30,00 mg Selenium (as Selenium Yeast)
5,00 mg Zinc (as Zinc Oxide)

Take 2  lozenges daily. But immediately you feel the onset of a cold, sniffy nose, sore throat, cough etc; take 2 lozenges every 2-3 hours for 2-3 days until the symptoms disappear. Enjoy the delicious taste of Rubini and help yourself to stay well!

The RUBINI Flavon-Complex is produced by a unique extraction method, which does not destroy the bio-activity of the substance. It is called "membrane filtration“. The juice of pressed elderberries is filtrated by a specific filter system which separates the different sizes of the molecules due to their active agents. Subsequently, the resulting flavonoid-concentrated liquid is either used for the RUBINI Liquid, or undergoes a drying process to become our RUBINI powder for the capsules.

The juice concentrate is flash-pasteurized in order to ensure the manufacturing of a sterile product. We do not add any preservatives or sugar, neither in the liquid, nor in the gel or the lozenges.

Due to the standardization of the flavon-content, we can also guarantee the level of active substance throughout every production run. Ongoing lab analysis, internal and external, undertaken by highly-qualified stuff, and the permanent control of hygiene and health officials make RUBINI a natural and safe remedy.

One of the most common attacks on the immune system is through viruses. They cause the most common infections like flues and colds. Viruses are highly contagious, there are several hundred known species and new kinds develop every year. They use the body’s cells as a host and multiply in the cells. Once the host cells are infected, the specific defense of the body takes a few days to modify to the specific task, this is why many, even lighter colds, take more than a week to ease off.

Research has shown that certain substances in Elderberry called Flavonoids seem to have a Viro-static effect and thus can restrict the rate of multiplication of the viruses in the cells. This is how Rubini ProFlavon Complex can enhance and compliment the immune system.

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