Arctic Diet Capsules

By: Eastcoast International  05/12/2011

Developed In Norway Using Pure And Natural Norwegian Ingredients.

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Arctic Diet™ is produced from Norwegian brown seaweed - Fucus Vesiculosus, naturally grown above the Polar Circle – and harvested during the period of the Midnight Sun – where the sun shines for 24 hours straight during some few summer weeks in June.  Harvested during these times, gives the brown seaweed in Arctic Diet special properties and is extremely rich in important amino acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants - Fucoxanthin and Fucoidan – another important antioxidant in Arctic Diet™.  Fucoidan has tremendous health benefits – and more than 700 studies have been published, proving it is a remarkable immune booster and strengthener of our body’s natural defense system. Arctic Diet™ is further enhanced using a special technique developed by Dr.Sverre Paaske, a Norwegian scientist and doctor. Using this biotechnology enhances the bioavailability of Arctic Diet™ - making it better utilized by our body – thus giving far greater health benefits compared to ordinary brown seaweed products. The Norwegian Fucus Vesiculosus is of extremely high quality and pureness.  It is not affected by any pollution, as it is found in crystal clear seas around the Baltic Sea and other northern areas of the world. Arctic Diet™ forms a unique and natural health food product from the sea, showing positive properties for increased health, and ingredients that will assist your body’s ability to metabolize and burn fat in a safe and completely natural way.

Arctic Diet™ - A Natural Slimming Agent From The Sea!

Arctic Diet™ with its pure and highly bio - available agents from the sea,- Fucoxanthin, Alginate and Fucoidan.Arctic Diet™ is not a stimulant such as coffee, tea or other similar products, so you will not experience jittery afternoons or evenings. Arctic Diet is not a medicine and is therefore not intended to treat, cure or prevent a disease. It is also not a substitute for a vaired and healthy diet. It is best used in conjuction with healthy eating and regular exercise.

For the first 4 weeks, take 2 capsules a day BEFORE breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then reduce to 1 capsule BEFORE breakfast , lunch and dinner.  Arctic Diet™ is safe to use as a long term supplement.  It is recommended to use Arctic Diet™ daily for best results. 


Japanese Study:

Following a recent study, Japanese scientists have documented that Fucoxanthin increases the burning of fat in fat cells. In one study, the reduction was measured to be 10% of the body weight.  The abdominal fat is the most dangerous excessive fat we can store on our bodies, and it is associated with cardiovascular problems and higher blood sugar levels, making us more prone to Diabetes Type II.

Russian Study:

In a yet unpublished study, Russian scientists tested 150 overweight women using Fucoxanthin.  They experienced the women losing on an average 6.5 kg over a 3-month period, where 5.5 kg of this weight loss was fat mass alone.  In addition, they observed the women getting healthier, by gaining a more functionable liver, having reduced blood pressure as well as lower blood triglyceride, which is associated with an increased cardiovascular risk.The Russian scientist concluded that Fucoxanthin has great potential as a fat burner since the fat cells were able to use more fat for energy production.  Fucoxanthin has a capacity for increased fat burning by up to 24 %, which is 6 times higher than that from some herbal tea’s, which increase the fat metabolism by about only 4 %.

English Study:

In an English study – where they looked at Alginate, it was proven that individuals who increased their consumption of supplements rich in Alginate reduced their caloric intake by 7 %.  Reducing your appetite and daily caloric intake by 7% together with the increased fat burning properties of Arctic Diet™ and a stable blood sugar level will effectively assist you reaching your ideal body weight and shape.

Danish Study on Arctic Diet™:

Danish researchers have tested Arctic Diet™ on 50 women suffering from hypotyreosis (slow metabolism experienced primarily by women reaching their menopause, but now seen in younger and younger people, all the way down to age 25).  Arctic Diet™ was used as a placebo in this study where the main result was to test a drug, and to see whether this drug could lower the woman’s use of thyroxin.  Much to the researcher’s surprise, when they broke the code for placebo and active substance – the product today known as Arctic Diet™ outperformed the natural drug.  All of the women receiving Arctic Diet™ lost weight in the study that lasted for 6 months. 

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