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By: Easl  05/12/2011
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BioTector The 100% Irish Built & Developed Online TOC /COD Analyzer with a Long Established Worldwide Reputation.

BioTector is the only TOC Analyzer proven in use to SampleUnfiltered and Analyze with Reliable Ease while maintaining a proven typical99.7% uptimein the most challenging sampling environments ( fats, oils, greases, chlorides - salts up to 30%, calcium sludge up to 12%). It has proven itself to be so in many industries in Ireland and Worldwide since 1995.

Applications Include :

· Dairy Industry Process Spill Control , Waste Water Treatment Influent & Effluent,Boiler Condensate Return / Discharge and Other Customer Specific TOC Analysis.

· Pharmaceutical Industry Process Spill Control, Storm Water, Waste Water Treatment Influent & Effluent, Boiler Condensate Return and Other Customer Specific TOC Analysis Applications.

· Chemical Industry Process Spill Control, Storm Water, Waste Water Treatment Influent & Effluent, Boiler Condensate Return / Discharge and OtherCustomerSpecific TOC Analysis.

· Oil Industry Process Spill Control, Storm Water, Waste Water Treatment Influent & Effluent, Boiler Condensate Return / Discharge and Other CustomerSpecific TOC Analysis.

· Municipal Waste Industry Influent & Effluent TOC Analysis.

· River Water TOC Analysis.

· Landfill Site Leechate TOC Analysis.

· Industry Wide Ultra Pure Water, DIW & Process Water TOC Analysis.

Application Ranges Include :

· Ultra High 0 - 20 mgC/L up to0 - 100,000 mgC/L

· High 0 - 15 mgC/Lup to0 - 15,000 mgC/L

· Standard 0 - 10 mgC/Lup to0 - 10,000 mgC/L

· Low 0 - 5 mgC/Lup to0 - 1250 mgC/L

· Ultra Low 0 - 500 m gC/Lup to0 - 10,000 m gC/L

Note : Automatic Range Selection is possible between 3 user defined ranges within each range band above.

Working through the complete BioTector range, the BioTector is offered for analysis of :


· TC · COD *

· BOD * · TN

· TP · VOC


* Algorithms applied to the Total Organic results to calculate COD / BOD

The sensing range extends from m gC/litre levels through to mgC/litre.

Continuous unfiltered sampling of soft particulate of up to 2mm.

Reaction cycle time typically < 6.5 minutes

EASL personnel have a long standing analysis relationship with the management of Biotector, having witnessed the development of the Biotector from its very conception through to its worldwide successful application in the most arduous of industrial duties.

From its very beginnings, this range of analysers was destined to tackle the most challenging applications that industry has to offer. While still in its embryo stages, the difficult analysis of wood pulp effluent was a target, setting the direction the BioTector range of analysers was to follow.

From its patented two-stageadvanced oxidation process using hydroxyl radicals, to its self cleaning reactor & sampling system, self generation of ozone and infra red carbon dioxide detection system, to the ease of operation of its controls, it is unique and justifiably stands far ahead of its competitors in the areas it was designed to work in.

EASL are pleased to offer BioTector sales and service to customers throughout Ireland ,being factory trained in the full cycle of preventative maintenance ensuring customer satisfaction.

We can provide free on site TOC surveys and assistance on maximising your use of the Biotector to realise considerable financial savings already experienced by many customers with existing installations.

We at EASL refer to the BioTectorTOC Analyzeras the ‘STRONGMAN’ in Industrial

Online TOC Analysis .

"Explore Possibilities Today, Find Savings Tomorrow"

"EASL & BioTector"

Keywords: Analyzer, waste water

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Water Analysis (TIC, TOC, TN, TP, PH, Conductivity, Turbidity) in waste water & process applications. Service and Calibration of Environmental Analyzers. Specific areas covered by our on site services are. Process instrumentation – traceable calibration. Hire out of service personnel.