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By: E Web Ireland  05/12/2011
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The  most fantastic Internet Marketing Training Programes which I have seen in ten years and the totally committed support of Pat enables you to quickly create a professional website and other techniques which generates traffic and income.

My name is Seamus Killoran and I first talked to Pat about on line marketing on 3rd March 2010.
I went to a workshop on the 5th March 2010 based on the Internet Marketing material which Pat had shared with me. Between 3rd March and 13th March I spent about 6 hours on the phone talking through the material with Pat and discovering just how much great professional material he has given to me.

On 13th March, a friend and I spent 8 hours in a car to see Pat conduct a Live Demonstration of the skills which he has developed through the West Programe. Over four hours he answered any and all questions from the audience and displayed a brilliant knowledge of the topics which included:

  • Skype and VOIP.
  • Paypal and payment techniques into your websites and marketing strategies.
  • Optimisation and simplification of Gmail.
  • Generation of Traffic and advertising using Social Networks and targeted marketing.
  • Video techniques to entertain and create effective traffic with your audience.
  • Trending to identify where your market is.
  • Massive Revenue Generation using Dropshippers.
  • Articles to create traffic.
  • SEO and the most effective Keyword techniques.
  • Use of Tiny URL etc to disguise your most effective techniques.
  • CPA and PPC and why free techniques can be as effective.
  • Back -links to generate traffic.
  • Preventing spam accessing your forms, websites and lists using http:// in front of your domain name.
  • Using Quantcast to identify demographics.
  • Using adwords to identify most effective keywords.

The most impressive part of the demonstration was the fact that Pat answered many of the questions from the audience by opening the audiences existing websites and demonstrating how they could be optimised or even created from scratch re: websites and tools in minutes

Simultaneously he ensured that we also understood how to carry out the same tasks.
I came away from the demonstration suddenly understanding how to do so much and Pat’s support is so effective and tangible. It was so easy to switch on my laptop when I got home from the demonstration after a 19 hour day and reopen my notes because I now understand how the elements which we were shown relate to each other. I now have the confidence to use the SEO and keyword techniques which were demonstrated for websites and transfer them to other media such as youtube videos.

There is so much more available in Pat and  West. Pat and the Program are Genius as they truly enable anyone to develop and prosper using these incredibly powerful program.
Best regards;

I couldn’t recommend Pat enough, he is a man of great knowledge who not only can talk the talk but also can walk the walk.If you want to put your business on the map, Pat is the man to talk too.I didn’t have a clue about Computer language until dealing with Pat but he explained it to me in a very easy manner.

Mary Buckley, Owner, The Mobile Masseuse

I met Pat in October this year and was very impressed by his knowledge and genuine background into SEO. I am intrigued by this concept and Pat has made it very easy for me to both understand and implement his professional advise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pat."

Mary Harney
Mary Harney, Owner, Mary Harney Health and Safety Training

After meeting with Pat on number of occasions and seeing him demonstrate his expertise I can with no hesitation recommend Pat and his company for your business. I know I will be doing business with him on an ongoing basis.

Gerard Kearney, Managing Director, Ger Kearney Entertainments

I can honestly say thanks to Pat’s work our sales have increased which has obviously increased our bottom line, which is great for times we have all found ourselfs working through.November 6, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value
Paul Kelly,

I have met Pat on a number of occasions and I have been very impressed with with his knowledge and track record in the area of SEO. He is extremely positive and committed in his area of expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pat’s work to anyone seeking advise or assistance in promoting their website.

Alan O’Regan, IT Security Consultant, Secured.IE

Pat has a great understanding the need for SEO on a website to drive traffic to the website and has great ideas,a must for any business that wants to move forward

Keywords: internet marketing, marketing, seo