By: Dyoptyka  05/12/2011
Keywords: Speckle Reduction

Dyoptyka has designed and developed a unique speckle reduction and control solution. It addresses, in a very elegant way, all the concerns raised by the use of coherent light in illumination and projection applications. It is low-cost, simple and fully integrable with a wide variety of light engine optical designs.


A high precision Moire Grating 40 LP/MM slide is used to create an image directly onto the sensor of a Qlmaging Retiga EXi camera (1392 x 1040 pixels, 12 bits, cooled CCD) placed at a distance of 20cm. Line cuts before (left) and after (right) activating the Dyoptyka Anti-Speckle Solution are shown. After activation all perceivable/subjective speckle is removed.

Evaluation Modules

Talk to us about possible modifications of these products to meet your requirements wrt. size, power, wavelength, cost, etc. or about the development of new solutions optimized for your applications.

Keywords: Speckle Reduction

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A typical first step by interested Customers is to participate in our technology evaluation programme which consists of a Specklefreeā„¢ optical module configured by us to be appropriate to your application, with sufficient technical support to achieve good performance.


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Typically>3x reduction in standard deviation of weighted pixel centroids in projected line/pattern. SMA, 0.22 or 0.39 N.A.