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By: Duolog Technologies  05/12/2011
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IP Integration and Chip Assembly

IP reuse and efficient IP integration are essential for successful SoC development. Socrates Weaver is a revolutionary tool for IP integration that is the fastest and most efficient way to build and maintain complex systems. The unique rules-based integration methodology employed by Weaver maximizes the potential for IP, subsystem and system reuse.

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Socrates Weaver has a unique rules-based integration methodology that offers an intuitive, highly automated, scalable solution for IP integration and system assembly. Weaver’s rules are simple, high-level specifications of integration intent. Weaver synthesizes the rules to create the low-level connections. Because of the high level of abstraction, a single rule can result in hundreds, or even thousands, of individual correct-by-construction connections. Rules are simple to understand and review and can be easily shared and reused. Rules can be combined to create more complex structures and stored in libraries that can be used and reused across teams or companies. Weaver can also be used to build and dissolve design hierarchy without disrupting connectivity.

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Duolog Support prides itself on providing the most comprehensive technical and customer support in the EDA industry. Our highly qualified team of Application Engineers are available to help you install, customize and successfully incorporate Duolog’s award-winning products and solutions.

Keywords: Available To Help, Customer Support, Technical And Customer Support

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