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By: Dunavnet  05/12/2011
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Products:mHealthSens - Mobile Health Care and Monitoring System

mHealthSens is a mobile health care and monitoring system that provides easy and simple monitoring and logging of various health parameters regardless of users' location and activity. Based on a flexible platform, the mSens, that encapsulate services of the modern wireless and mobile technologies, the mHealthSens supports a continuous monitoring of designated health parameters, their storage in a central repository and a prompt notification of the responsible health care personnel in urgent cases.

Users and benefits:

  • Chronic patients can perform periodical health checks without having to make a visit to a hospital or GP which significantly reduces time and cost of such health checks;
  • Elderly people that require continuous health monitoring and care and are living on their own at the same time. Both medical personnel and family members can be caretakers. In urgent cases, the system notifies all relevant contacts. The system helps users to live an independent life and gives them a peace of mind at the same time;
  • Professional athletes that want to monitor the main health parameters during the training process in order to improve the overall fitness and skill level;
  • Hospitals and health clinics that can provide higher quality health care services and improve users experience and satisfaction by offering mobile health care monitoring and health checks;
  • Doctors and medical personnel can check health status of their patients from their mobile phones and thus provide an increased level of support and service

The architecture of a mHealthSens system is similar to one shown in figure below. Sensors are connected to a Sensor Controller which acquires the data and sends it to the mobile phone using Bluetooth. This data is then forwarded to the remote health care database via WLAN, GPRS or UMTS and accross internet. From the database, the doctor can access this information using his mobile phone or PC.



Keywords: mobile phone