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By: Bard Mythologies  05/12/2011

This Exhibition in Belvedere House, Mullingar, on the great characters of the Irish Myth Cycles was opened on 28th May by Eamon Ryan, the Minister for Communication, Energy and Natural Resources. Minister Ryan said,

“I am very honoured to help launch this new and important exhibition” and then he added, ” I think we are looking for a sense of where our values are as a people, what are our strengths, what is our vision of where we want to go, and I think we first need to go back and have a clear sense of where we’ve come from and that also comes from this exhibition….”

Sandy Dunlop on behalf of the Bard Team paid tribute to Bill Felton whose work we were enjoying both in the posters and the DVD. Sandy congratulated and thanked Bill for the years of support he has given right back to the start of the Bard. He also thanked Bartle D’Arcy for Belvedere and all the support he has given the Bard.

Joe Whelan, Cathaoirleach Westmeath County Council extended a very warm welcome to Minister Ryan and to everyone.

This exhibition is very important. We learn about the past so we can understand the present. Myths represent our true identity as Irish People. I hope it will be an inspiration.

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Since Nuadhu was blemished, it was considered unlucky for him to rule, and the Tuatha Dé sought to achieve harmony with the Fomhóire by appointing as their ruler Breas, a warrior whose father was of the Fomhóire and whose mother was of the Tuatha Dé. The Fir Bolg sent the greatest of their own warriors, called Sreang, to parley with them, and the strangers said that they were relatives of theirs, called Tuatha Dé Danann.